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I had a chapter and was typing it up and all that but then my laptop died and didn’t save the chapter sooooo I didn’t retype cus I’m tired as shit lol so whenever I have time to retype it then that’s when the next chapter will be posted so hopefully it’s before Tuesday . Sorry y’all . I almost was finished too 😪😔

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Haha yep pretty much because Asia is never sick.... Unless she is prego

Well damn lol 😔😔😔

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As soon as she said she wasn't feeling good ibwas like she is having another baby... I will be lmbo if she has triplets again or if she as twins

Aww shit if she has more than one kid again laaawd that’s finna be crazy lol ! Why is it always when she ain’t feeling good she gotta be pregnant lol do I really always set it up like that ? 😂

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Fine if I don't get a nephew this time, the next baby should be a boy😂

Oh lawd lmao

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Oh shit !!! Awww okay okay Asia & Diggy , I see you lol gotta another little cutie on the way. Aww Asia's pregnant 😊😊 Congrats babygirl 👏👌

Another baby on the waaaayy 🙌😍😍

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But then she really just gone be the baby girl! And she will feel hella special being the only one (or really annoyed) but yeah I wants a nephew!!!

Naah that’s too many sons lmaoo

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the homie @issaiam 😌 make sure y’all come to the concert in the student center at 7 tonight to watch him perform ! 👏👌

Asia & Issa , homies in real life lol .
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Awe shit!!! Auntie Regin in tha house!!!! Uhh I want another nephew please and thank you!! Lmao but um she pregnant on tour!!!! That's bouta be an experience!! 😱😂😁

Lmao that’s so many boys lawd lol . & yesss this is gonna be something different !

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You should put your story on wattpad, lol i keep loosing track in the story

Wattpad is confusing 😪 but I’ll try lol

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Awwwww Asia pregs again yay!!! I knew it!!! Baby #4

Another little simmons on the way !! 🎉🎉

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 42 


" came to surprise you . " he said into the mic and smiled as he continued walking over to me . 

my first instinct was running over to him and giving him a big hug , so thats what i did . as much as he might make me mad or as much as i might act like he annoys me , i still love him friend wise and we’re still close friends . i was really missing him while he was gone .

as we hugged , everyone in the audience ” aww’d ” and cooed over us two embracing each other .

" Justin what are you doing here ? " i asked as i released some of my tears of joy our onto his shoulders . forgetting the head set was right near my mouth , the crowd heard what i was saying but it came out super muffled . 

" i’ll explain later . just know that im here . " he replied into my ear . 

remembering i was on stage in front of thousands , i let him go then held his hands 

" can we get a warm Welcome Home Bieber on a count of 3 ? " i asked , then counted down and everyone in the audience welcomed him home . 

" i mean , since im on the stage we might as well get a performance going on … what do yall say ? " he asked and the crowd and they went wild . 

" Nic is that possible ? " i asked and looked at her .

" bet , " she replied then began scratching on the 1’s and 2’s before the song played . 

" everybody put your hands together like this " Justin said as the beat was playing before he started singing . the crowd clapped to the rhythm as i stood near him clapping as well . we performed the latest song we made together that we put out years ago , but it was still memorized in my head like we recorded it yesterday .

" give it up for Justin Bieber before he leaves ! " i said to the crowd when we finished and they were still going crazy as he was leaving the stage . " even tho i didnt plan that surprise , thats not even it . "i said before i continued performing my other songs . when Bey popped up on the staircase to perform the song we had together when it was time for her verse i promise you literally everyone in the building was screaming at the top of their lungs . it sounded like that atleast .  there was a break in the middle of the song where we had a dance routine , so we for sure did that and i was suprised i even remembered it all and didnt mess up . we performed 2 of our songs before she left the stage . i couldnt wait for my performance to be over so i could go backstage and talk to Justin .

" i need an explanatian like NOW how the hell did you get out of jail so damn early ? " i asked as soon as i got backstage . 

" i had good behavior , bail was paid off and yeah . " he answered . 

" that sounds way too simple . "

" i guess it was then cus thats it . "

" its cus youre white . "

" could be . " he laughed as he shrugged his shoulders . " all i know is im out and happy . "

" still sounds a little sus to me but ight . " i said and shrugged my shoulders as well . 

" good to have you home tho bro . " Twist said and put a hand on his shoulder . 

" thanks . feels good to be home . " he replied .

it was so nice seeing them get along again even tho what had happened was years ago and im pretty sure they both dropped it by now . it just made me feel whole again seeing that a problem i started was now patched up right . 

there was last minute arrangements to Dig’s performance that required me and Bey to go on stage and perform the song us 3 plus Jay had together that was on that album me and Bey made years ago . we had the whole crowd going in and reciting every single word to the song , man this crowd was so damn hyped up tonight . 

" lets go eaaat nowww . " i sang as i was getting my duffle bag together before we left MSG . " we going back to our rooms to freshen up first right ? "

" yeah . with everyone having to freshen up thats gonna take like an hour . " Dig answered . 

" i’ll fuck around and leave them . you know i hate waiting on people . "

" i know babe . " he said and laugehd a little , thinking this was a game but it wasnt . i’ll really leave them and have them meet us over there . 

" Justin you going out to eat with us too right ? " i asked as we were walking to the van . 

" you know it . ima be in Twist’s room waiting on yall . "

" okay fasho . i’ll see yall in a second then . " i replied before we separated .

once everyone that was riding with us got in the van , we were out and Bey and Jay followed us in their car to our hotel .

" how are the babies ? " Bey asked as she sat down on the couch in the room . 

" wonderful . Lani is just the happiest little girl all the time . she dont know how to stay still ! always dancing and walking around like she grown . " i said and laughed . " & the boys are such .. boys . always tryna mess with each other . "

" boys will be be boys . " she laughed . " Dig still spoiling Lani ? "

" more than ever . " i answered and rolled my eyes . 

" ooh girl i know the feeling . to this day Jay spoils Blue and of course he spoils Heaven . those are his babygirls . its just that father daughter bond . "

" yeah i dont interfere with it tho . ima just let Dig handle her when she becomes a spoiled little 14 year old girl . "’

" exactly . " she laughed . 

i had then got in the shower and all that , then once everyone was done we left . thank God they didnt take too long . 

it was a great night out to be in the city and i enjoyed the scenery and all the festiviities going on . 

" why thank you baby . " i smiled when Dig pulled my chair out for me before i sat down .

" yall make my heart so warm . " Bahja said and put her hands on her chest . " i knew yall were gonna be the cutest couple since we were young like foreal . "

" well thanks . " i smiled . "

" aye y’all remember the time Dig had announced to the whole damn audience at that LA show that Asia was his girlfriend and Asia was hella scared to go on stage ? she was so damn nervous oh my gosh i remember her talking to her sister before she went on just scared as hell . " Princeton said as he laughed . 

" alright thanks for laughing at me , rude . " i said and laughed as well .

" i was so childish for that . " Dig laughed .

" no babe you were just .. excited i guess . " i responded and shrugged my shoulders . " thats actually the day i met Chris . i’ll never forget that day . "

" oh yeah when he came out to perform with Dig . i remember that . " Prod said . 

" i bet you don’t remember the day you met me tho . " Que said and gave me this unconvinced look . 

" Breezy concert . it was crazy as hell backstage , aanddd Chris quickly introduced us before i had to go so we met briefly and talked just a little before i had to leave . " i answered . 

" ight you got me . " he laughed . 

" man i can remember how i met every single person at this table . "

" no you cant . " Roc said . 

" bet . "

" do it . "

" its too many damn people . " i replied . 

" see you cant do it .  " he laughed . 

" fuck outta here yes i can . lemme see . " i said and started going clockwise as i hit everyone at the table . " i met you Issa .. at Nique’s sweet 16 . "

" you didnt just MEET him … you ma- "

" shut up Nique . " i said and cut her off as she started dying of laughter . it didnt help that Bre and Bahja joined her . 

" wait i wanna know what happened . " Princeton said and look so confused . 

" we shall not speak of that at the table k thanks . " i responded . i looked over at Issa and both him and Que were trying to hold in their laughter . " of course you know as well , Que . "

" hell yeah i know . " he laughed . 

" wait i was at that party what happened ? " Dig asked and looked a little lost at first . " OHH i remember " he said then slowly turned his head to me . " mhm i remember alright . "

" shit . " i said and started laughing hella hard along with everyone else that knew . 

" wait i was at that party too and i dont even know what happened . " Jacob said .

" neither do i . you gotta say it now Asia . cant leave us hanging . " TK replied and people agreed .

" yal are immature leave me alone . " i laughed as i just sat there and Issa was laughing hella hard . everyone kept bugging me about it until i finally gave in . " ight ight …. me and Issa kissed thats it . "

" yall didnt just kiss . " Que mumbled then took a sip of his water til Issa nudged him .

" not just a kiss ? what else was there ? "Ray asked since he was the only one that hesrd what Que said . 

" we made out , ight ? happy ? " i asked and everyone started wylin out . " i hate yall  . " i laughed . 

of course everyone was tryna gas me bout it but it wasnt working . it was all jokes tho and funny as hell .

" that was a crazy night tho . so much shit went down that night .  " i said . 

" yeah i remember that night now . " Dig said and sighed . 

" mhmm you over here making out with a random girl . " i said and nudged him .

" youre the last person that can get mad at me bout that you did the same exact thing just with a guy . " he laughed . 

" yeah i know . " i said and looked down as i laughed . 

aside from catching Dig with a girl , that night Twist had drunk dialed me and everything . man why do i remember that night like it was yesterday ?

after everyone stopped clownin on me we actually had real conversations amongst each other before and after we ordered our food . 

" babe you picked like the perfect place . this hit the spot . " i said once i was done and satisfied with my food . 

" right ? i just had a taste for some seafood i dont know why . " he replied .

as we sat there and just chilled before anyone was ok to get up , i had noticed the guys that were sitting at the table . 4 of them were guys i’ve had history with relationship wise . why are 3 of my exes and my husband at the same table right now ? as soon as i noticed that i felt so guilty for geting around like that . i had to text Nic about it . 

" i feel like a hoe . "

" Asia you are not a hoe lmao . shit happens . you were young . it doesnt matter anymore . "

" i know but still . like omfg ew why did i get around like that ? D: "

" its only 4 guys and all of them dont all know about it . just leave it as that . " 

" ight , youre right . i just had to let that out . k continue eating your food lol ."

" lol ok goodbye Asia lmao . "

once everyone was ready to go , we paid the bill and left back to our hotel to call it a night . i said goodbye to Jay and Bey before they went back home as well first tho .

" you think its too late to facetime the kids ? "

" its like 10 over there . yes . they should be in bed by now . "

" doesnt hurt to try tho . "

" babe theyre sleep . trust me . "

" ima still call your mom tho and see if theyre up . i miss them . "

" youre gonna be wasting your time cus theyre sleep . " i responded as i got comfortable in bed ready to continue reading my book .

" well look who’s up . hey princess . " Dig said as he smiled at the screen , then gave me the I Told You So look .

" nah what the hell they doing up they should be sleep . " i said then scooted closer to him to facetime the babies . 

" mom ! " i said to the iPad . " Ro give the iPad to YaYa . get YaYa . " 

luckily she heard me call her , so she came to the screen .

" what Asia ? "

" why are they up so late ? its way passed their bedtime . "

" i took them out today and they had some ice cream . i guess the sugar kept them up . "

" well thats on you . " i replied . 

we talked to the babies for a while before i started to see Ja yawn , 

" alright time for bed . go to sleep now . you tired Ja ? is mo’mmys baby tired ? " i asked and he shook his head no . " yes you are . babe he frontin . " i laughed . " mom give them some wamr bottles with their favorite bottles tho and they’ll be out . Lani likes it when you sing her to sleep tho , you know that right ? "

" yes i know Lani is the complicated one . " she replied . " alright i’ll talk to you guys later then . "

" alright . bye mom . " i said then we said goodnight to the kids . " they gon’ be knocked out for a minute . "

" facts . " Dig laughed . 

" you going to sleep now ? " i asked .

" yeaaah , niggas is tired . you aint going to sleep ? "

" nah ima continue reading this book . " i answered . 

" alright then . "

" goodnight baby . " i replied then kissed him before he turned his light off and got cuddled under the sheets . 

* the next day *

i woke up extra groggy in the morning and not in the best mood , but we still had to move on to th next city . on the jet to Detroit i was not feeling good at all . my stomach felt quesy and i had an urge to throw up damn near the whole way until i finally did once i went to the bathroom finally . 

" you good sis ? " Spin asked as i sat back down . 

" just feeling a little sick , thats all . "

" you gonna be good for the show tonight ? "

" yeah yeah ill be ight . " i replied , not really sure . 

" ight . lemme know if you aint so we can try to get you some medicine when we land . "

" ok , thanks . " i responded , then got comfortable again and tried to fall asleep to forget about the sickness . i didnt throw up again anytime soon , but i still had that quesy feeling in my stomach the rest of the flight and the remaining time we had in the hotel room for a little . i got in the shower hoping i would feel better after i got out but i was feeling the same .

" you think it was the food from last night ? " Dig asked as he ran his fingers through my hair to comfort me .

" could be . " i responded . 

" well Sierra should be back soon with some medicine . in not time youll be good , ight ? "

" ight . " i replied then he kissed me on the forehead . 

once my assistant came back with some medicine , i took it immediately as instructed and hoped for the best . 

" you dont have any home remedies for stomach sickness ? you usually have everything . " Spin said . 

" not for nausea . " i replied . " & i know right ? this some bullshit . "

" hopefully youre good by the time the concert starts . "

we had to make moves to the theater , so once we got there i went straight to the dressing room to lay down . i didnt do soundcheck or anything . i didnt have the energy or feel good enough to get up for it .

" Asia you ok ? " Princeton said as him and Ray came into my dressing room .

" i’ll be ight . " i responded . 

" whats wrong ? " Ray asked . 

" she got food poisoning from last night . "

" ooh . no bueno . "

" no one else got sick from that food ? how am i the only unfortunate one . "

" nah not that i know of . everyone else seems good . "

" ugh , just my luck . " i mumbled . 

" you gonna be ok to perform tonight ? you dont look so good . " Ray said . 

" i hope . im putting on a show no matter what . "

" nothing stops Asia . " Ray laughed .

" i think if i throw up one more time i’ll be ok during my performance cus this nauseated feeling has been building up since i was back at the hotel . 

" well dont force it . " Princeton said . 

" im not . ew . ima just wait hopefully it’ll come before i gotta get dressed . "

" foreal . i dont wanna see you throw up on stage . " Ray replied . 

" i’ll die before i do that . " i responded and laughed a little . 

they stayed to keep me company for a little bit longer before they had to get ready for their performance . i was up after them and i still ahdnt thrown up yet . 

" you sure you gonna be good ? " Dig asked as i started getting dressed . 

" i’ll be ight . " i replied . 

no more than 10 seconds after that i gagged a little . immediately i went straight to the bathroom and let it out one more time .

" alright . im good . i promise . "

" youre a fuckin soldier . " Dig said and just laughed as he shook his head .

i got my make up and hair done , then prayed before i went out on the stage . moving around a lot increased my quesiness in my stomach but not enough for it to make me throw up . thankfully i got through that performance and got to lay down for the rest of the time i was in the dressing room . 

after the concert , we all had headed back to the hotel to call it a night  . thank god these past few cities have been a little easy and gave us time to chill in the hotel room and not have to go straight to an airport after a concert . not right now anyways . 

you know how you do the most critical thinking while youre in the shower ? well thats me like every single shower i take , so as i was taking a shower to get ready to go to sleep i thought of something i should have thought about a while ago to be honest : i thought about the last time i had a period . i counted back the days and tried to remember the last one i had . im late by two weeks i thought to myself as i counted the days from my last period . it would make sense since i was the only one who got sick and this feeling isnt an unfamiliar feeling . this could be the reason why im over here nauseous . i quickly rinsed myself off and got dressed , then went to Sierra’s room to talk to her . 

"hey can you do me a favor ? " i asked when she answered her door . 

" i AM your assistant . thats my job . " she joked then let me in . " wassup ? "

" can you run to the store for me and grab me like 2 pregnancy tests ? " i asked then handed her some cash , 

" you .. youre pregnant ?! " she happily asked . 

" uh i dont know thats why i need the tests . " i said . " but yeah can you do that for me real quick so i can know or not cus i just thought about my last period and i really need those like now . "

" yeah yeah no prob . i’ll be back . want me to come to your room with it ? " she asked as she got up , took my cash an grabbed the keys to the complimentary car we had . 

" yes please . thanks youre a life saver . " i responded .

i left her room when she went to the store and went back to mine to wait patiently for her . as i waited , i read my book on the couch and snuggled up with a blanket while Dig was in the room . 

" Asia . " he said as he called me .

" yes ? "

" why arent you in the room with me ? "

" cus im waiting on Sierra to bring me something . i’ll go in there after she stops by . "

" ight . " he replied and didnt say anything after that . 

the knock on the door made me so happy as i quickly got up to answer it .

" you got them ? "

" yup . a 2 pack of Clearblue pregnancy tests . "

" thank you so much Sierra youre amazing . " i replied then hugged her . 

" text me to let me know the results . "

" got it . thanks . " i replied then closed the door when she left . 

i brought the bag with me and took it to the bathroom , then quickly opened up the box and tried not to make a lot of noise as i did so . i made sure i drank a lot of water befoer this since i knew i was gonna take this test and made sure i ahd enough pee for 2 sticks . then waited in the bathroom for the 3 minutes it required me to wait as i washed my hands then sat on the counter . 

" baaabe ! " i yelled . " baaaby !! " i yelled again , but he still didnt hear me with this bathroom door closed . he better not have his headphones on . " DANIEL ! " i yelled one more time before i got up and went over to him myself . sure enough he was laying in bed listening to music with his headphones on . i stood by the door and waited for him to notice me , but of course he didnt , so i went over to him instead and put the pregnancy test right on the night stand next to him . he looked at the pregnancy test , then shot a look at me , confused . 

" oh shit . " he said, realizing what i just put next to him . he then looked back at the pregnancy test and slowly took his heaphones off his head and placed them on the bed . 

" this is for sure ? " he asked as he read the results . knowing he would ask that , i put the other test i took down right next to the first one that read the same results . he looked at me as i looked around the room with my lips puckered to the side sorta hiding a smile but not sure how to feel about this . 

" yo youre pregnant ! " he exclaimed then stood up and hugged me tightly . " youre pregnant .. " he said again as we hugged then kissed me on the head . " whats wrong ? youre not happy ? "

" im happy but i dont know how to feel about this exactly . "

" why ? "

" cus i dont know if this is good timing . for you and for me . is a baby really what we need right now ? "

" baby theres no such thing as bad timing for a baby . god knows exactly what hes doing and he put this blessing in our life right now for a reason . we might not know the reason right now but we’ll eventually find out . im ecstatic right now . baby , we’re having another baby ! " he responded then kissed me on the lips .

seeing him excited made me excited as well and from that point on i accepted the fact that im pregnant and was happy about it . i was happy from the beginning i just didnt know how he was gonna take it . now that i know hes happy too , it made me feel complete . 

baby number four on the way . 

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Are you still posting today?

Sometime this weekend .

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I know this is random but do you know any tumblr pages for characters? Like a page where you can find characters for a fanfic?

I used to … But I forgot what the link was 😔

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How many followers do you have?

for this blog … 724 .

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When are u posting❓

Currently typing it now …

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