◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 63


it took me almost 2 months to get my documentary started because of the different people and networks i had to talk to first in order to get things rolling . by then , like Dig had said before , we were both back to work on all the things we were responsible for . one thing that i was hyped up for was that somehow it was leaked that i was filming this documentary and Oprah found out then decided to interview me with a one hour special . i decided to have them released the same night back to back . 

the first day of filming was like a normal day but with cameras around me , it was still fun letting people see what i do on a day to day basis . for the first day of filming i had a few errands to run like meet up with Xodarap Label . we had got an office in NY and hired some people to work for the label out here since we were no longer in LA , although the LA team still works hard . 

" hey sweetheart . " i said to Dig and kissed him when i got to the meeting , then sat by him at the head of the table . 

" hey babe . was there traffic on the way here or something ? "

" yeah thats why i had to let you know i was running late . " i replied . 

i had let the team know the cameras would be rolling at this meeting just so they weren’t freaked out when the camera squad came in with me .

" so ,  Jeremy , was there any luck with renting the venues out for these next events ? " i asked since hes our event coordinator . 

" yes ive had success with all 5 venues except for one - The J Room . " 

" ok well make sure you get on that by next Thursday . we gotta make these deadlines yall . " i replied . " we have Atlanta down for a venue at the Gold Room right ? "

" yes ma’am . " Jeremy replied . 

" perf . im excited for that city . " 

this meeting was just generally getting updates about where we were standing with these events we were setting up around the country . i assigned certain cities with my guys out here and different cities with my guys in LA . we were trying to do events in different cities just to get the word out there about the label . our 2 artists - Ayanna and Gizmo - were going to perform at each event as well . this would get them major exposure too and a chance for their promo teams to promote their new material . when the meeting was over , everyone left me and Dig in the room as we took days to pack up our laptops and stuff . 

" did you let the babysitter know we need her this weekend ? " i asked . 

" shit . i knew i was forgetting to call somebody ." he said then pulled his phone out . 

" its so last minute now babe shes not gonna be available . "

" yes she is . watch . " he replied as he waited for her to answer , then somehow sweet talked his way into having her babysit . " told you . "

" whatever . " i replied . " but i gotta go run some more errands so i’ll see you when i get home . youre cooking dinner , right ? "

" when did we agree to this ? "

" just now . thanks love you . " i smiled then kissed him . 

" sure why not sweetheart . " he sarcastically said . " love you too . " 

as i walked away i swear i felt his eyes glued on my butt until i finally left the room then got in the elevator with the camera crew . 

" he was staring at my ass wasnt he ? " i asked then camera men and they all nodded their heads and laughed . " i cant with him . " i said and laughed . 

there were alot of days filming as i balanced my life as a mother and a business woman, handling things with the label and clothing line in addition to taking the kids to school and taking care of them . they caught me and my clothing line at a good time cus it was fashion week and we were a part of it again this year , so they filmed all the madness in preparing for the show . i still had my other little documentary with Oprah that had to be done , so my cameras caught that as well when it was the day of filming with her . 

" i think i’ve been waiting my whole career for this . " i said and laughed as i sat down on the couch . 

" why is that ? " she asked and also laughed . 

" because i’ve had so much things going on, good and bad, that i’ve wanted cleared up . not that anyone really needs to know my business like that or anything , but i dont like anything wrong about me in the media . if they gonna talk bad about me atleast get the facts right , yaknow ? "

" completely understood . " she said and smiled . 

45 minutes later after our make up was touched up and they were ready to shoot , we started to film .

" November 11th 2011 " Oprah said after we talked about my childhood for a bit . 

" November 11th 2011 . " i said and couldnt help but cheese hard . 

" for the people watching that dont know that date please explain . "

" the day that is significant to me on a whole bunch of levels . "

" & why is that ? "

" well , my favorite memory of that day is because i met the love of my life . "

" & also the day that changed your life . "

" i dont necessarily like it to have that title , because i wasnt in it for that reason . i didnt wake up that morning like ’ ahh yes , the day that changes my life forever ’ yaknow ? "

" but you didnt really wake up thinking that you’d meet the love of your life either , right ? "

" i did . i knew i would meet Dig that day . what i didnt know is that i would have such a connection when meeting him . of course every girl’s fantasy at the time upon meeting him was for that to happen but i was never the one to hope too much and get my hopes up high . at the time i always kept my dreams pretty realistic, so falling in love definitely was not on the schedule . "

" oh ok then . & so you thought it was just gonna be a normal meet and greet and all then you would just continue on with your life ? "

" exactly . thought it was gonna be a hello goodbye take a picture real quick and move along so every one else can get their meet and greet in , but nah sparks was flying between us . " i said and laughed . 

" right and before you know it you were exchanging numbers with him . "

" i kinda already had his number in my phone but it wasnt saved … "

" what ?! "

" lemme explain . " i said and laughed , then explained the ustream call when i first talked to Dig . 

" so he slipped up on the right one then "

" exactly cus if that was a crazy fan he would’ve been screwed . " i laughed . 

" so before you know it you were talking to him longer than a meet and greet would last , should i say . "

" yup . hell , before i knew it i was his girlfriend , his first love , then his babymama . "

" i can only imagine how crazy that was . "

" girl . " i said and rolled my eyes . " between the time span of first meeting Dig to a month or two after the birth of the baby , was the craziest year of my life . "

" that was only a year’s span ? "

" yes ma’am . when i tell you Daniel and I were completely in love with each other … man . we were only 15 and 16 at the time so most people would be like ’ yall dont know what love is ’ , but we knew . we knew we felt something for each other we havent felt for anyone else before . ever . "

" but at the time of your pregnancy , werent you dating someone else ? "

" yes . i think its safe to say , now that its years later , that i still loved Dig even though i was in a relationship with someone else . & he still loved me . there was some time in between those nine months that i absolutely hated him but deep down i was still in love with the boy . i was carrying his baby so obviously some love still lied there somewhere . "

" & i know you had s till birth , i believe . correct me if im wrong . "

" no it wasnt a still birth . she was alive and breathing when she was born , but she was born with a heart condition and her only being a newborn couldnt handle it and she shortly passed away two days after birth . "

" that had to be a really tough time for you two and your families . "

" definitely . nothing was the same for me after that for a while . i wasnt the same . Dig wasnt the same . my family and his were there for us completely but i just was so …. disoriented . i distanced myself from everyone for atleast 2 weeks after the birth . everyone besides Dig was with me cus he stayed to comfort me . that was the moment where we both really needed each other , even though i was still stuck in a different state of mind and not talking or hardly eating he was still with me . "

" your boyfriend at the time wasnt with you ? "

" no . his manager wanted him to get back to work in the studio and all that again cus he had a lot to do . he figured that i needed to be with Dig at a time like this anyways , so he left . to make matters worse , we broke up not too much longer after the birth . i wanna say like 2 weeks later we ended our relationship . i think i was going through a depression stage at that point . nothing was going for me around then . i wrote one of the saddest songs ive ever wrote to this day still after the break up and was just isolated from everyone for a while . it was a really rough time for me . "

" wow you poor thing . life just wasnt going smooth at all . "

" AT ALL . " i replied . " but a while later i realized isolating myself wasnt healthy for me . i needed to get out of that phase . remembering a conversation Lil Wayne and I had months prior , i called him and completed a deal he had mentioned to me before , so he flew me out to Florida not too much later , woke my ass up with all the work he had for me and from then on he molded this amazing star that i am today . "

" so make sure you let anyone who is a fan of yours or even like only one of your songs to thank Lil Wayne for that . " she laughed . 

" exactly . " i also laughed . " thats why i would do anything for that man . at that point in my life he really saved me . i love Wayne to pieces . "

the interview continued as we talked about tthe trials and tribulations , but also the many positive things that i’ve faced in my life . 

" so what i wanna know is what Dig did to get you back . like after the divorce what led to you two dating again and everntually getting married ? " 

" he’s a very smooth and slick guy . " i answered and she laughed . " no seriously . " i replied and also laughed . " he’s really slick when he talks to females . i would only know this because we were just friends at a point in time so i would see how he would interact with other ladies . but as far as getting me back he’d be real nice to me and kinda be real secretive at times but the fact that we’ve known each other for years at that point i’d call him out and be like ’ why are you talking like that ? ’ like im really dumb at times so it wasnt getting me to that he was tryna be slick and ask me out . he everntually gave up on tryna be slick and on the low and began getting just straight to the point when asking me out on dates and things of that sort . of course he still kept it romantic and classy cus thats the type of guy he is . "

" wow so there was still some effort that was put into that . "

" oh defintely . just cus youve had me once doesnt mean that im easy to get back okay . " i replied and laughed . 

" & how long were you guys dating before he proposed ? "

" about 2 or 3 years . if i hadnt already gone through a divorce before that then we would been engaged much sooner most likely , considering all the years already put into our relationship and simply because we always took things to the next level pretty quickly , but because i was still wounded from my first marriage i wanted some more time before i thought about another marriage . "

" completely understandable . " she responded . 

it was fun talking to Oprah about everything . she was so cool to talk to honestly . at the end of the interview we were talking all about my family . 

" this cover is still my favorite cover of Ebony magazine EVER. the cutest thing in the world . not to mention your guys’ interview and pictures with the kids in them . " this is literally the whole family minus the youngest one . "

" actually he’s there . i had just found out i was pregnant with him not too long before this so he was defintely in my belly at the time . " i smiled . 

" aww that just makes me love this even more ! " she exclaimed as i laughed . " how are the kids doing by the way ? i hope you recieve the package i sent with all those books . "

" yes i did recieve them thank you so much . theyre already learning how to read in preschool so before i know it they’ll have all those books read in no time . " i answered . " oh and they’re doing wonderful . the happeist little kids ever . thats one thing in life i would never want to take away is their happiness . "

" what does the future hold for you and Diggy ? expansion of the family ? "

" oh defintely . its funny cus the last time i was in labor i swore to God that i wasnt having any more kids after this considering i was going on my 4th kid and i was dead serious when i was telling Dig and he was agreeing with me only to shut me up cus he wants more kids and he knew that wouldnt be the last time im in that position . " i said and laughed . " but its funny cus as time goes on i miss having newborns and the kids are growing up so fast I’m like ’ where are my little babies at ? ’ you know so i do want another kid . we’ve talked about it already but we’re still pushing that back a little . if it happens sooner than so it be . "

once the interview was over i gave Oprah a huge hug and thanked her so much for allowing me to do this . its not everyday when chances like that come around . 

continuing with my own documentary , i was at that point where i’d sit down and watch it all with an interviewer with me and just evaluate and talk about all the things in the video as it played . we did that part in the luxury of my own home .

i was a part of the production team so i was initializing what were to get edited out of the video and was was being kept in it to be showed . some of the things filmed didnt really need to be filmed , so i made sure to take that out but the parts i wanted the world to see for sure were the ones i kept in . within the next two months , it was completed and the date of airing it on tv was appraoching soon . i was nervous to let the world see my day to day life and have the kids in the videos as well , but this is what i wanted and i had to remember why i wanted to do it . the night it aired we had a viewing party at the house in the theater and hooked it up to the cable and TV so we were watching the first airing of it the same time as everyone else . the Oprah interview came on first and following hers was my documentary . i was really excited for both to premiere on the same night . 

" hey Pharoah how did you get on the tv ? " Jaheem asked when he saw him . 

" you guys are on tv ! " Lani exclaimed as the next clip was all the boys together .

they had me crackin up as they watched themselves on tv and were just so amazed and shocked that they were up there . 

all the hardwork put in was worh it . 

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aww!!!! my babies (when I say babies I mean all these niggas) are growing up so fast!!!! why you do that?

" all these niggas " lmaooooooo . Time must go on 💁

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I don't mean to be a bother or anything, but when you're writing, do you find yourself writing about someone else instead of Diggy, but you just put digs name there? Or is it just me? 😳. Great chapter, by the way! ☺

Sometimes just because 1) I run out of things to talk about in the chapter so I gotta kinda stretch it out and 2) I don’t personally know Diggy so idk what he would do in every situation lol . Thanks tho !

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 62


for the next 3 days after the shooting my parents kept the kids at their house so Asia can get a little rest . it was my responsiblity to take care of her and keep her in high spirits . i know how much this was troubling Asia , so i was doing everything to keep her mind off of it . when Twist got out the hospital he came over to the house first and spent some time with Asia before flying back out to LA . the rest of her days at home were days to relax and not do anything as she was here with her family . 

" you know … everything happens for a reason . " Asia said as we were in our home theater watching a movie .

" dont tell me youre thinking you got shot for a good reason . "

" if i didnt then i’d be lying . " 

" Asia , what possible good reason is there for you getting shot ? " i asked and laughed . " youre crazy i swear . "

" im here right now with you aren’t i ? i feel like i’d still be out and about making moves or something . you know my ass cant stay in the house for long . "

" ok well there has been more family time . we’re finally doing what we said we were gonna do when we moved out here ."

" exactly . "

" but that wouldve happened anyways . with or without you getting shot . "

" but it happened sooner with me getting shot . "

" whatever Asia . " i said and laughed then kissed her forehead . " im just happy we’re here . "

" same here . " she said then kissed me . 

the next few months were great for me and the family . Asia and i both took a break from business for a while to focus on raising the kids . of course , we made sure our businesses would be good without us for a little before we took our break . watching the kids grow up was just so amazing to me and Asia . they were forming into their own self . all 4 of them have split personalities yet at the end of the day they were so much alike . Lani just loved dancing point black period so Asia decided to put her in some ballet classes and Lani loves it . we take her to class every day after pre school and shes always so excited to be there . Ro is really into basketball and wanted to be on a team already , but he was still too young to join a league , so i made sure i was playing basketball with him and making sure he doesnt lose his passion for it . Jaheem was a different one  . he liked something new everyday . reminded me of Russy when he was little . & Jabari is still a little baby living a little baby life .

" soo i was thinking . " Asia said as she joined me in the kitchen as i cooked breakfast for everyone . " what if i had a documentary made about  me ? "

" like a movie ? or a book ? "

" a movie . "

" then you would have a documentary made about you . "

" what do you think about it ? should i do it ? "

" that sounds like it would be interesting . im sure your fans would be excited bout it . i say go for it . "

" you sound like your dad … "

" i did come from him didnt i ? " i joked .

" ok whatever but still . that was weird . " she laughed . " but im asking cus im sure the cameras are going to be on you too . "

" why should they be on me when its your documentary ? "

" cus youre my husband and youre with me like 24/7 . "

" by the time filming starts we’ll probly both be back to work . "

" ima still see you at the end of the day babe shit why you so complicated . "

" im just kidding geeze " i said and laughed . " i dont mind being in it , just make sure im not always being filmed . "

" ok thats fine . & what about the kids ? do you want them being filmed or no ? "

" i mean , we cant really prevent that now . theyre gonna be in the camera . they’re gonna WANT to be filmed honestly . especially Lani . "

" especially Lani . " Asia said and laughed . " so you good with it all ? "

" im good . " i said then kissed her . " do what you want . "

Asia is hella spontaneous so i knew sooner or later she would want a documentary on her done . also just because shes gone through alot in her life so i know the world is curious to hear her past through her mouth .

this should be interesting . 


my birthday was coming up and i decided to spend it with the family and a few close friends in Puerto Rico for a week . we had a vacation house rght next to the ocean out there big enough for everyone so thats where we stayed . Spin , Nic , Pook , Rog and Jay came out to celebrate with us as well as our bodyguard Tank and our babysitter Nia . Nic brought Alex with them too so it was a family affair . a vacation away from business and everything else in the States . 

" baby say cheese . " Asia said sat on my lap so we could take a picture . " aw your smile was too cute . " she laughed when she looked at the picture . 

the actual day of my birthday is when we went out to the city and enjoyed the festivities that Asia had planned for us out there . we spent the whole day having fun with everyone else out there . at night , we had a dinner with just the adults that night where we got to step out and way from the kids for a little looking grown and sexy . 

" look , Rog out here tryna find his future ex girlfriend . " Spin joked as Rog was still in the mirror . 

" i mean i wouldnt mind that to be honest . " he replied and laughed . 

" Rog is an international playa . he has no time to settle down . " i joked . 

" you already know my dude . " he responded . 

" dont boost that man’s ego . its already big enough . " Nic laughed . 

" but not really . Rog when you gonna settle down like ya boys ? " Asia asked .

" when Spin gets a smaller head . " he answered and we all laughed . 

" asshole . " Spin replied .

when we stepped out finally it looked like we were ready to kill the game cus of how fly we all looked . 

when we got to the restaurant , we were already ready to eat , but not after s few drinks and a toast .

" ehem , i would like to share a toast . " Asia said and hit her spoon against her glass . 

" you bourgeoisie . ” Nic joked . 

" shut up hoe . " Asia joked and they both laughed . " anyways . this toast goes out to my husband of course . you are the most perfect thing God has ever granted me and i know i tell you something like that all the time but i just dont ever want you to forget it . i’ll keep this short so yeah i hope you’ve had a great birthday so far and i hope there are many many more that we can enjoy together . " she finished then smiled .

" toast . " Spin said and we all clinked our glasses together . 

" i love you babe . "

" love you too . " she replied then we kissed . 

" i have something to say . " i said and cleared my throat . " i just wanna thank yall for coming out here with ya boy . means alot that i have some solid people to called friends and family . to many more years of this . "

" amen to that . " Rog said and took a sip of his wine . 

the rest of the night was great and filled with alot of unforgettable memories . the food was great and the company was even better . by the time we got back it was around 3 AM . 

" i did not think we were gonna stay out so late . " Asia said as we were getting into the bed . 

" right ? it was fun tho . "

" yes, very . im glad you enjoyed yourself . "

"i did . very much . thank you for planning that tonight . "

" no problem . all for my love . " she smiled then kissed me before laying her head on my chest . " did you like your gifts ? "

" did i ? of course i did . every last one of them . " i answered . 

" well , im not quite done with the gift giving . " she replied then climbed on top of me . 

happy birthday to ya boy . 

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Random, do you read any other fanfics currently? Or recommend any?

I do not read any right now and I can’t recommend any cus I forgot the links to the good ones I’ve read lol sorry

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◢ No chapter today :(

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really man that stalker bitch from waaaaaaay back! *side eyes you something real mean* but aye my niggas alive and well! and no wheelchair chrissy!!!

Yup , that bitch lol 😂

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 61


i hadnt even felt myself get shot . its like an adrenaline rush was flowing through my body , preventing me from feeling the pain . that is, until the officer pointed it out and i actually saw the blood trickling down my arm . 

" ah fuck " i said and gritted my teeth as the officer held me away from where Twist was laying . there must have been ambulance trucks near by cus they were here in 2 seconds . first they catered to Twist and i didnt know how serious it was until they put him on the gurney . 

thats when i flipped out . 

" Twist ! " i yelled and tried to run over there but then the officers held me back . " let me go in there with him ! "

" youre hurt ma’am you need to stay and get patched up . "

" i can get patched up in the ambulance please let me go ! " i said and snatched my arms form their grip to run to the ambulance . " please let me go with him please . " i begged to the paramedics . 

" ma’am youre bleeding you need help ! " one of the paramedics said . 

" im not in pain i need to  be with him . please " i said and looked into the paramedics soul . i totally lied tho . this shit was killing me . 

" get in . " he said and we all rushed in . 

" Twist . Twist please tell me youre ok " i said as i was by his side as another paramedic was caring to my wound . 

" i think im ight . " he groaned as his eyes were closed . 

" wake up Twist open your eyes . you gotta stay with me . " i said and held onto his hand . 

" im up im up . " he responded and shrieked in pain as the paramedics were working on him . i felt so bad . i just held onto his hand the whole way to the hospital and prayed that his condition wouldnt get worse . 

when we arrived , they rushed him to a room in emergency and took me to a separate room to work on me and see how bad i was damaged . when they started working on me , i thought they gave me a shot to numb me , but it was a shot to put me to sleep .


it was the kids and i at home today just kickin back since it was the weekend and they didnt have school . i heard my phone ringing in the living room , but i was too lazy to go get it .

" Ja , can you go get daddys phone for me ? quicl;y please . "

" ok daddy " he said and ran downstairs to get it . when he came back upstairs wit my phone , i realized it was an unsaved number . i usually dont like answering those if its to my personal cell number but i did anyways . 

" hello can i please speak to Daniel Simmons . "

" yes this is him . who is this ? "

" this is Dr. Haggerty here at Bellevue Hospital . your wife , Mrs. Asia Simmons , had been in an incident and was shot - "

all i heard was she was shot . that was enough for me to panic . 

" shot ? where at ? is she ok ? wheres she at ? " what was she do- "

" sir . i know this is alot to take in . we had rushed her and the man she was with , Christopher Moore , into the hospital and they are both in an emergency surgery . she was shot in the arm . we believe she will be ok . "

" ok thank you im on my way . " i said and hung up . 

a million things were running through my head in that very second . who shot my wife and Twist ? why would someone do that ? 

i quickly called my parents to let them know about what happened and they were just as scared as i was . i told them i needed someone to watch the kids , so they said they’d rush down to the house to babysit as i went to the hospital . once they got here , we packed them in the car and we all went to the hospital together . 

" Asia Simmons . what room is she in right now ? " i said as i went to the receptionist in the emergency room . 

" she is still in surgery right now . im going to need to ask you and your family to sit and wait until the surgerey is done . "

" ok and what about Christopher Moore ? "

" he is also still in surgery right now . " she replied after she looked up the records . 

" ok thank you ." i replied then went to go sit down . a million thoughts were still rushing through my mind as we were sitting here and waiting . my mom tried comforting me and even tho the doctor said she would be ok i still had a bad feeling in my gut .

after about 30 more minutes , a doctor came out the 2 big doors and walked over to us . i immediately stood up , expecting to hear the worse . 

" are you Daniel Simmons ? "

" yes sir . is Asia ok ? "

" yes she is doing fine . surgery was successful and she is now in another room recovering . you may go see her soon . "

" thank you God . " i said and just closed my eyes and prayed as relief overcame me and my parents . " do you know anything about Christopher Moore’s condition ? "

" i do not . there is a different doctor working on him , but i can let him know that you are the family of him as well since no one else is here for him . "

" great . thank you . " i replied . " so can i go in to see her right now ? "

" yes . 2 at a time . follow me . " he responded . 

i looked back to see if my mom or dad was coming , but they insisted on me going alone . i went and followed the doctor to the room she was in .

" look who i found . " the doctor said as we walked in . " i’ll let you two be alone . "

" baby . " i said and went to her bedside . first thing i did was give her a kiss , happy that she was alive and well . " baby what happened ? "

" i dont know . Twist and i were just walking down the street just minding our business when we hear a shot go off . i realized i had been shot but i didnt . like i saw the shot i saw my arm with blood but i didnt believe it . Twist was like ’ Asia you’ve been shot ! ’ and before he could say anything else he got shot too and just fell out flat in pain on top of me . i panicked when i saw all that blood from him all over the both of us . an adrenaine rushed had come over me or something and i took my scarf off and was applying pressure on his wound the same time im over here screaming for help and shit . you know theres hella cops over there on 43rd and shit so they heard me and came to our aid . ambulance was there in no time and we were rushed over here . " she explained . " hows Twist doing ? "

" i dont know . this doctor couldnt tell me anything cus hes not the doctor helping Twist . " i said . " but damn baby , you didnt feel the shot at all ? "

" i did when it first happened like the second it happened but then after Twist got shot i sorta turned into a super hero when i was tryna save him . then the cop told me i was shot and made me look at my arm and i was in pain again . i dont know , that shit was weird . " 

within minutes of talkng to my wife , in comes another doctor . 

" hello Mrs. Simmons . how are you feeling ? "

" im doing a little better . thanks for asking . " she replied .

" thats great to hear . so i was informed that you were the one with Mr. Moore at the shooting . i wanted to let you know that he is still in surgery right now . his wound was more serious than yours because he was shot pretty close to the spine . this surgery is a little tricky , but we are doing the best we can do . "

" oh shit .. " i whispered . 

" what are the possiblilties that it will be a successful surgery ? " 

" theres a good possibility in that , we are just trying our best to do this surgery without leaving him paralyzed . "

" shit . " Asia said . " ok , thank you so much . "

" no problem . " he replied then walked out of the room . 

" Twist took a bullet for me and because of that he can possibly become paralyzed . " Asia said and sat there in shock .

" i hope hes alright . like seriously . i would hate to see him paralyzed . "

" i wonder where his girlfriend is . " Asia said .

" is he still with that Puerto Rican chick ? "

" yeah . i hope shes not out in Puerto Rico right now . she’d be devastated if she wasn’t here for Twist . "

" damn i can only imagine how’d she feel . " i responded . " but um , ima go let my parents know youre alright .  "

" theyre here ? wheres the kids ? "

" out there with them . "

" why’d you bring them ?? "

" i wasnt going to , but my parents wanted to come to the hospital too and i couldnt stop them from that so yeah . "

" oh ok , well you can tell them they can come in if they’d like . " she replied .

" alright i will . " i said , then left the room .

" hows she doing ? " my mom asked when i went out to the waiting room . 

" shes perfectly fine . seems like nothing even happened to her . " i answered . 

" shes such a soldier . " my dad said and laughed a little . 

" you guys can go in there and see her if you want . "

" can i go see mommy ? please ? " Lani asked and looked worried . we all saw her facial expression and i know inside i died a little knowing she was worried bout her mom like that . 

" how about you go take the kids in first , then we’ll go in after . " my mom suggested . 

" ok sounds good . im sure they wont mind the kids being in there . "

" lets hope not . " my dad said . 

i picked up Jabari , then held Lani’s hand and let the boys walk themselves as we all went to the room Asia is in . 

" mommy are you ok ? " Lani asked as she ran to Asia’s bedside . 

" hey Princess . mommy’s fine . im good , ok ? " Asia said then kissed Lani on the forehead . " pick her up and put her on my lap please . "

i did as she said , then they boys wanted to be on her lap too so i put them all on the bed with Asia .

" i was so worried about you mommy . " Lani said and cuddled up next to her in the bed . soon , the boys did the same thing as they were all laid on her . 

" aww dont worry about mommy . just know that mommy will always be ok , ok ? dont worry bout mommy . "

" ok . " she said . 

we were all in the room for about 15 minutes before my parents came in the room too . 

" i told the doctor we’ll be real quick . " my dad said when they came . " how you feeling , soldier ? "

" im doing pretty good . it could be worse . " she replied . 

" i heard that . " he said and laughed . " man you are such a trooper . "

" thanks . " Asia said and smiled . 

they were only in the room for literaly like 5 minutes before they decided to go . 

" we’ll take the kids for the night so Asia can rest at home after she’s released . " my dad said . 

" yall sure ? "

" yeah its fine . Asia needs some rest tonight . " my dad replied then looked at her . 

" youre a lifesaver . " she whispered then they laughed . 

" ready kids ? " my mom asked . 

" aww i wanna stay with mommy . " Pharaoh whined . 

" mommys gotta rest so she can feel better . you guys are going to stay with us for the night then you can see mommy tmrw . "

" but im going to miss mommy ." Lani said and started to cry . 

" hey mamas dont cry . i’ll see you tmrw ok ? dont worry about mommy i’ll be fine . " Asia said as she was hugging Lani . 

" i’ll be here to protect mommy , dont worry . " i said to Lani . 

" you promise ? " 

" i promise . " i replied then we did a fist bump . 

" bye Princess . love you . " Asia said then gave her a kiss . the boys kissed her as well , then i put them back down on the floor . 

" protect mommy , ok daddy ? " Jaheem asked as he tugged onto my hand . 

" alright son , i will . " i said then gave him a kiss before they all left . 

i helped my parents put the csr seats in their car , then went back to the room with Asia . 

" our kids mann . " Asia said then sighed . 

" theyre something else . " i replied . 

" did the doctor say when you can be released ? "

" he didnt , but im assuming sometime today . i mean , im fine . " she answered . 

i stayed in the room with Asia until a doctor came in so i can ask when she will be released . instead of her doctor , it was Twist’s doctor that came in . 

" so Mr. Moore has had a successful surgery . it was very tedious and a long process , but he is fine now . we couldn’t fully remove the bullet because it was too close to his spine and we didnt want to get that close , but we did manage to get a few shards out of him . he’s still sleeping from the anesthesia he was given since we had to give him a little extra , so visitation wont be for another 2 hours for him . "

" thank God he’s ok . " Asia replied with her hand on her chest . " when will he be released ? "

" tmrw evening . i want to make sure he has a full recovery in the hospital . "

" ok thank you doctor . "

" my pleasure . glad i can give you this news . " he responded then nodded his head and left . 

"aint God good ? " Asia asked . " i swear i wouldnt have been able to live with myself if he became paralyzed because of me . "

" hell no you wouldnt have , that would be some crazy shit . " i said . 

soon , Asia’s doctor came in and told her she can be released in an hour .  we chlled for that hour , then i signed Asia out and wheeled her out to the car so we can go home . as soon as we got home , Asia put her things away , got in the shower then got dressed so we could head back to the hospital and see Twist . 

" he should be up by now , right ? " Asia asked . 

" yeah its been well over two hours . " i answered . 

we got to the hospital and parked , then went back inside the same lobby it felt like we just left from . 

" didnt i just see you here ? " the receptionist joked . 

" yeah , looks like ima be a familiar face today and tmrw . " i replied and we both laughed a little . she told us the room Twist was in , so we started to head over there . 

" wait . wheres the gift room place thing ? i wanna buy him some balloons . " Asia said . it was around the corner , so Asia got him a Get Well Soon balloon and a card that she signed . when we got to the room , he was wide awake watching tv . " hey you . " Asia said and smiled . 

" hey wassup yall . " he said then turned the tv off with the remote . " those for me  ? "

" yes of course , youre the only ill one in the hospital right now . " she replied and joked . 

" i swear you got shot too … why are you up and walking ? " he laughed . 

" i already got discharged . my wound wasnt as serious as yours . " she answered , 

" aye you got me a card too . lemme read it . " he said and went to reach for it . 

" nah read it later . " she replied then put it down far from him . 

" you feelin ight bruh ? " i asked .

" yeah a little sore but atleast im alive . " he answered .

" coo , thats good to hear . " i replied . " ima let yall have your time together real quick . i’ll be out in the lobby . " i added then walked out the room . 


when Diggy left and closed the door behind him , i got up and gave Twist a super long hug and just stayed there for a second .

" what was that for ? " he asked and laughed . 

" i wanted to thank you . "

" for what ? i got shot just like you did . " 

" because you took a bullet for me stupid . " i replied then pushed his head a little as we laughed . " you intentionally hovered over me to protect me and in the act you got shot . im the one thats supposed to be in this hospital bed still , not you ."

" well in that case , youre welcome . " he smiled . " did the doctor tell you what happened to me tho ? "

" yes Twist thats why i feel terrible . you were sooo close to getting shot in the spine and being paralyzed . "

" i know right . man that was a close one . now i got some metal in my back still .  "

" i hope it doesnt get infected or anything . " 

" shit me too . Tune has a piece of a bullet still in him too and hes fine . like big bro like little bro . " he joked . 

" Tune has seizures ok he is not ok . " i replied and we both started laughing . " ok im going to hell for that lemme stop . "

" you dead wrong . " he said as he still laughed . " man , now that i think of it . who the hell shot us ? "

" to be fuckin honest . i mean , we were in the heart of NYC . theres tons of crazy people out there . who knows . "

" im scared cus that shit couldve been aimed for us . i dont think we just happened to get in the way of something . "

" why you got me thinking the worst now ?  i feel like theres a hitman out for us now , the fuck .  " i said then hit him in the shoulder . 

" shit you never know . gotta think the worst sometimes . " he replied . 

" have you called anyone to let them know what happened ? "

" no . no one knows besides you . "

" i havent even turned my phone back on . that shit been off since i got to the hospital . i dont wanna be bothered . "

" you think the media caught wind of it ? we WERE out in public and shit . "

" i didnt even think of them . shit . " i said . " check if its on the news . "

Twist grabbed the remote and swiched it to the news channel . after a few minutes of watching it they had came back from a commercial break and there we were on TV . 

" R&B Sensation Asia and Rapper Lil Twist have both been shot today in NYC . the incident happend on 43rd street when 2 gun shots went off into the crowd , one hitting Asia and the other hitting Lil Twist . one bystander that was close to the incident recorded this video of the crowds reaction after the shots had been fired . if you look closely you can see the rapper and singer as they both lay on the ground . then what appears to be Asia that gets up and tried to help out Lil Twist before the officers arrive shortly . "

" goddamn , they got EVERYTHING . "

" shit if they can get this i hope someone can catch the fuckin shooter . " Twist responded . 

" the two immediately got put into an ambulance and rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center . "

" how they gonna announce where tf we at ? now hella fans and shit are bout to try to come out here . "

" i give it 15 minutes before the hospital is surrounded by people and news reporters . "

" goddamit . " i said and sighed . " let me go get Dig before someone tries to come in the lobby and goes crazy or something . " i added then quickly left the room . as i was walking to the lobby Dig was coming towards the room . 

" how they just gonna announce where yall at tho ? " Dig asked as he had the same intentions in his mind . 

" thats what im saying tho . this place is bout to be swarmed . i would say lets dip but im not leaving Twist here so soon . " i responded . 

" Asia you might wanna turn your phone on . " Twist said when we walked in and he was on his . 

" why ? "

" cus niggas is going ham in my text messages and calling me like crazy tryna see if we alright . "

" yo i aint even let my mom know what happened . " i said .

" my mom might have told her already . maybe . " Dig said . 

" either way , lemme call her to let her know im good . " i replied . 

i turned my phone off and of course right when i got signal that bitch was going off like crazy . 

" hey ma . " i said when she asnwered the phone after the first ring . 

" Asia what the hell are you ok ? why is the news saying you got shot ?! "

" because i did . but im good now . "

" Asia how the fuck did you get sho- "

" ma calm down . " i replied , then quickly explained myself . " but i gotta go . just know im good . i’ll call you later . " i replied then we both said bye and i hung up . my text messages were blowing up like crazy but i only responded to a few if i could even do that without someone calling me . " have you told your girlfriend about this yet ? "

" no . she doesnt know . shes out in Puerto Rico right now . "

" ohh shit . so she aint even watching the news . " Dig said . 

" nah . she dont know a damn thing . "

" oh theres Tune . " i said when he was calling me . 

" Asia whats going on ? you and Twist got shot ? "

" yeah , long story but are you still out here ? "

" nah im in Jersey but i’ll be there shortly . " he replied then hung up . 

as both Twist and I were trying to let our close ones know we’re ok , Dig began doing the same thing cus people were trying to get to me through him if i wasnt answering their calls . about 45 minutes later , Tune shows up finally with Mack . 

" first of all , theres like hella mothafuckas outside of this hospital  . it was hell getting in here . " Tune said when he came in . " second of all ,  if i wasnt the most worried motherfucker EVER , i dont know what i was . the fuck y’all doing getting shot ? " Tune asked and i just explained the story to him from the beginning . " wait a minute , this nigga took a bullet for you ? dawg you took a bullet for her ? "

" yeah . " Twist and I both answered . 

" thats love . thats my mothafuckin nigga .thats real fam right there nigga . " he replied then dapped Twist . 

" im still stuck on the fac that you tried saving him knowing you had a bullet in your arm still . " Mack said to me . " yall both like each others heroes right now . "

" there was an adrenaline rush going through my body . i wasnt feeling any type of pain when i was doing that . "

" that shits crazy . " Mack said and laughed . 

we all stopped talking and looked at the door when an officer had come in to talk to us . 

" glad both of you can be in here at the same time . " he said . " well i have some good news for you guys and good news only . no good nes bad news . we’ve caught the shooter . she didnt get too far with all the cops that were around in the moment . "

" she ? who was it ? " 

" Shareese Mcintire . "

" why does that name sound familiar … " i said and thought . 

" well , we booked her in we found out her criminal history . she was aressted for stalking you back in 2012 . "

" OH SHIT you motherfucker youve got to be kidding me ? she did this shit ? the same female who fuckin put me to sleep with that anesthesia liquid shit by putting it on a rag and covering my mouth ? "

" oh shit HER " Twist said and we all stood there in silence . 

" wasnt some police supposed to be watching her after she got out of prison . shes a fucking stalker she needs to be watched . "

" wait i know i handeled her ass . ‘member i had people looking out for her then she got caught and thats how she ended up in jail . " Tune said . 

" yes she did get incacerated for that and was put in jail for 3years with only a few months of probation . "

" it all makes sense now . she only started stalking me cus Twist and I used to always be together back then and now that she found out we have been hanging out alot together lately she strikes again . why didnt i think of that to begin with ? " i asked . 

" well , shes now been put in jail again and im pretty sure she’ll get way more time this round . "

" good . " Dig said . 

" well , i just wanted to let you guys know this so you wont be worried out of your minds . "

" thank you so much officer . " i said . 

" oh and theres a huge mob of people outside that we’re trying to control so when you all leave the building there will be some cops out there to secure you to your cars . "

" yes i’ve heard . thank you , alot ."

" no problem . " he replied then left the room . 

" this bitch  . " i said and sat down as i was thinking . " this bitch really tried to fucking kill me . both of those bullet shots were for me and if Twist hadnt of saved me from the second one she would have really got me . why the fuck am i forever taking L’s from this bitch ? "

" lets just be grateful that youre alive right now . " Mack said . 

" my KIDS could have been with me . it could have been Kehualani with a bullet in her right now . " i angrily said as i was pacing in the room .

" hmph ’ Dig said as he agreed with me . i know that hit him . "  i’d be plotting a murder right now if that was the case . "

" exactly . how do you think i feel right now with it being me and Twist as the victims ? thinking of my children growing up without a mother kills me and that was the motive this Shareese bitch was going for . " i responded and it was dead silent in the room as i was pissed tf off . " shes lucky tho . shes lucky shes in jail right now or best fuckin believe i would be out there gunning for her life right now . " 

" the fact that you just turnt all the way up right now . " Twist said .

" because i know exactly who the fuck shot us . i wouldve settled with not knowing who it was . i wouldve just blamed myself for requesting no body guards today . but the fact that with or without body guards shots wouldve been fired at us doesnt sit well with me ." i said then sat back down . " i got too much running through my mind right now . i gotta go . "

" yeah you need to go rest and stop using your damn arm so much . its wrapped up for a reason . " Tune said . 

i grabbed my purse as Dig got up to get ready to leave , then i went over to Twist . 

" thank you , again Twist . you saved my life . " i said then kissed him on the forehead . " i’ll be back to get you tmrw . "

" i can pick him up . " Tune said . 

" ok well bring him to my house so i can see him then . "

" alright . go get some rest . " he replied then i gave him and Mack hugs before i left . 

forgetting that there were a mob of fans outside of the hospital , i was super fucking angry having to get passed them to get to the car . some of them even got close enough to where they touched my arm and that shit hurt . 

" Asia do you know who it was that shot you ? " A reporter asked . 

" no comment . "

" Is Lil Twist alive ? "

" yes of course . "

i only answered those 2 questions before the police became a little more aggressive and protected us some more . we finally got to the car , then Dig zoomed outta the parking lot and took us home . 

the ride back was quiet the whole time . 

" babe dont over think . youre gonna get yourself sick . "

" i just …. i just want to kill her . "

" isnt her being in jail good enough ? "

" no . its not . "

" shes in jail . thats it . end of story . your problem with her is solved . "

" its not . " i replied . 

" it is . youre not going to do anything about this . im serious . im not gonna allow you to pursue whatver it is youre thinking . youre gonna get yourself hurt . "

when we got back to the house , i went straight to the bedroom and just chilled in bed and watched the news . they kept replaying the same video that some person had recorded . Twist looked so lifeless as i had got up and tried to help him , as i was watching tv still , the screen had turned black . 

" stop watching the news . " Dig said and i looked at him as he had the remote in his hands . 

" i was watching that . " 

" i know and its not good for you to keep replaying the moment in your head . thats why i turned it off . " he replied . " here , i made dinner . get your mind off of it for a while , ok ? i know its probly scarred you for life , but youre not gonna recover if you keep reminiscing . "

he handed me the plate and i just looked at it at first then looked at him .

" fine . " i sighed , then started to eat . " have you checked on the kids ? "

" yeah i called my parents and she said theyre fine . " he replied . " i just want you to be fine right now . "

" im trying babe i am but i cant get her off of my mind . this girl really fucking tried to kill me . "

" i understand ba- "

" no im pretty sure you wouldnt understand unless your life was threatened and you were shot . " i said and started to cry . 

" baby dont cry ok i know i dont understand i just want you to be happy knowing you’re not harmed any greater than you are now . " he replied then hugged me as i was embraced in his arms with my face on his chest . " everything will be ight baby . everything will be good . "

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Yes ma'am! He came to Raleigh which is like 30 mins from me, but I had to work. :(

Aw booooo lol . But yes like you said , when you meet him it’ll be amazing lol

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It's okay! When I finally meet him, it's going to be heaven in a meeting. lol. And I live in Durham!

Durham , NC ? It’s ok tho cus he never goes to the Bay either lol pretty sure he’s only been there once lol .

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Oh no. 😟. Bruh, I live vicariously through you cause it seem like I'm never going to meet that young man, but maybe next time. 😔

Aww I let you down 😔 sorry lol . Wait what city you in ??

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Did you go see Dig yesterday???

No I did not 😔 lol I didn’t have enough time to get over there . Had some meeting before it and it didn’t end on time soooo yeah 😑

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Trevor just posted on Twitter where they are gonna be :) ..

THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW 🙌 I low key hate perimeter mall tho 😑😭😂

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noo I have no idea where he's gonna be at either lol, I'm waiting for him to announce it on twitter, but thanks for the advice 😏 lmao

Why is he announcing this so last minute 😑😩 I need to know if I gotta rush someplace after class lol I GOT SHIT TO DO HE PLAYIN 😭😂😂 but you’re welcome boo 😁 if you see me at the Diggy and Trevor thing don’t be scared to say hi ☺️

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◢ Y’all gonna hate me ..

Because I’m not gonna be able to post a chapter tmrw 🙈😩😭 I was sooooo convinced id have the time to type but extra shit got in the way 👎 if I could post it sometime before Tuesday then I definitely will . SORRY !!

P.S : if anyone knows where Diggy and Trevor will be while they’re in ATL then let me know cus I still haven’t found out and I’m tryna go lol tweet me if you know ! @ayoitsasia_

- Asia ❤️

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