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Trevor just posted on Twitter where they are gonna be :) ..

THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW 🙌 I low key hate perimeter mall tho 😑😭😂

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noo I have no idea where he's gonna be at either lol, I'm waiting for him to announce it on twitter, but thanks for the advice 😏 lmao

Why is he announcing this so last minute 😑😩 I need to know if I gotta rush someplace after class lol I GOT SHIT TO DO HE PLAYIN 😭😂😂 but you’re welcome boo 😁 if you see me at the Diggy and Trevor thing don’t be scared to say hi ☺️

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◢ Y’all gonna hate me ..

Because I’m not gonna be able to post a chapter tmrw 🙈😩😭 I was sooooo convinced id have the time to type but extra shit got in the way 👎 if I could post it sometime before Tuesday then I definitely will . SORRY !!

P.S : if anyone knows where Diggy and Trevor will be while they’re in ATL then let me know cus I still haven’t found out and I’m tryna go lol tweet me if you know ! @ayoitsasia_

- Asia ❤️

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I just want to say that I had to read the last part at least three times to make sure I read it correctly. I was like wait, that ain't right, my eyes outchea playing tricks on me. So, I read it again and my attitude changed to say it ain't so God, they shot her and then him. Sweet baby jesus, why lord. Then the third I just read it with my mouth open. I hope twizzer is okay, and I can only imagine what Dig's going to do. #mindboggled.

Your mind ain’t playin tricks on you lol . Real life s**t 🙊

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okay so I'm meeting Digg and Trevor tomorrow and I wanna make an impression or be interesting but I don't wanna be like the usual "how you doing?" So what do I say??? And please don't say "be original" cause I'll probably end up saying something lame lmao

wait wait wait you meeting them in ATL ? If so WHERE AT cus I haven’t heard of whatever they’re doing out here and I need to know so I can go lol . But think of something random and interesting but not too weird lol like ” SO DAT ALBUM THO … Is it fye or nah ? ” lol kinda make em laugh

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Lmao hell yeah it did tho 😜

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bruh. WHAT. THE. F. U. C. K.!


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Girl WHET lol I know that did not just happen.. oh lawd 😩😩😩


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Would you ever put the book on Wattpad? Or have you done it already?

Did it already . http://www.wattpad.com/user/diggingintolove . Still in the process of posting more chapters on there tho .

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You know I gotta always make y’all mad lol

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 60


The Team Hool album was finally released and it was sucha a relief that it was over . no more promoting all over the place and craziness . there was still some promoting to do as in be guest apearances on some late night shows and things of that sort , but i backed down on some of them and let the boys handle it . instead of thinking about the album now , i was moving my family and i into our new home . we had finally purchased everything we wanted to purchase . it was now time to get everything moved in . 

on move in day , we hired some guys at the furniture place we bought most of our stuff at to move in the heavy things so we can focus on everything else , especially watching the kids . 

" you like your room that mommy and daddy painted for you ? " i asked Lani as we were walking around the house . 

" yes i love it so much ! " she replied . shes such a drama queen . always adding extra emotion to anything she says and does . " lets go see my brothers room . come on mommy . "

" ok little miss bossy . " i laughed as she held my hand and lead me to the boys’ own rooms .

" wow their rooms are soo pretty ! "

" im glad you like them mamas . " i said and just laughed . 

there were gonna be a lot of new things for us out here now . for the kids especially . we have to find a new pre school for them to go to and also a new nanny to watch them . the nanny would be temporary tho because Nia loves the kids so much that shes deciding to move out here to New York after she finishes her last semester of college in LA . She was supposed to graduate this past summer , but she needed to take a few more classes so she graduates fall semester instead . she has already found herself a guaranteed job out here in New York so everything is just falling in place for her right now . shes currently with us today for move in cus she wanted to see the house as well as because we needed her to watch the kids as we moved in . 

after walking around the house with Lani , i had her stay with her brothers in the play room and i went to go help Dig and Spin with bringing some boxes in . 

" whens Nic coming ? "’

" as soon as the babysitter gets to the house . " Spin answered . 

" tell her to bring the baby over here . " 

" how about no . " Spin replied .

" what ? why ? " 

" cus someones gonna have to watch him as hes with the kids . hes only 2 . " he answered . 

" Nia’s here . shes watching Jabari and the rest of the kids today ."

" alright then . i’ll call her up . " he replied and put the box he had in the house first . 

" where did Russy run off too ? " i asked Dig . 

" i asked him if he could go pick up some cleaning supplies for us . "

" oh ok , perfect . " i replied . 

later in the day , Nic came with Alex and Russy came back to the house to help us out . with all of us here , we got everything moved in much faster . by the end of the night , we were all tired and stretched out on the couches and other seats . 

" alright , all 5 kids are knocked out cold . " Nia said as she walked in the living room . " & it looks like all 5 parents will be soon . "

" im just resting my eyes ." i replied and we laughed . 

" wait even Alex is sleep ? "

" yup . he was a breeze . a few lullabies and soft singing and he was out . "

" we need to hire you . forget Asia and Diggy they can handle the kids . " Spin responded and Nia laughed . 

" i’ll take that as a compliment ." she smiled . 

" once i drink that Redbull in the fridge i’ll be wired enough to do some more unpacking . " i said . 

" do you guys need any more help tonight ? " Nic asked . 

" nah i think we got it . we’ll do a little more tonight then we’ll be good for tmrw . " Dig answered . 

" cool . that means we out . " Spin responded and got up . 

" ima be out too then . " Russy said and got up . 

" ight yall . thanks for the help . " i said . 

" oh shit , forgetting the kid . " Spin said and we just laughed as he started going upstairs to get him .

once they all left , Nia volunteered to help us unpack some things , so she handled everything in the kitchen while Dig and I unpacked the things that belong in the living room . once the living room was finished we did some of the bedrooms without waking the kids up . 


the days following after finally being unpacked , we had alot of our friends coming in and out to see the new place . 

" hello ? " i asked when i answered my phone . 

" wassup Asia . how you doing ? "

" hey Twist . I’m .. relaxed i guess you can say . " 

" finished moving in ? "

" yes sir . thank God . "

" well ima be out in New York tmrw , so is it coo if i stop by ? " 

" yes of course . what time will you be by ? "

" ima say around 4 or 5 pm . sound good ? "

" sounds perfect . i’ll see you then . " i replied . 

Before Twist came over i made sure the house was still clean and smelling good . when i heard the doorbell ring , i went to go answer it . 

" hey " he smiled .

" hey you . " i smiled back . 

" Asia Persuasia ! " Tune said as he popped up behind Twist as a surprise . 

" Tune ! " i yelled then hopped in his arms out of pure joy and excitement . i havent seen him in soooooo long . " i didnt know you were coming oh my gosh . "

" thought i’d pop by for a little surprise and see your new place . it looks poppin from the outside . "

" its even better in the inside . come in yall . " i replied and let them in . 

" where the kids at ? " Tune asked . 

" somewhere in this house . its so big i lowkey be losing them all the time . " i replied and laughed , then called them to the living room . 

" they upstairs somewhere . " Twist laughed after hearing the little pitter patter of their little feet running in the hall way to come downstairs . 

" yes mommy ? " Jaheem asked . 

" come say hi to Uncle Tune and Twist ." i said . 

" Uncle Tune ! " Lani said and ran to him . the boys were just as excited to see him and Twist as well . 

" your kids are the nicest kids ive ever met i swear . " Tune said as he had Lani and Pharoah in his hands . 

" they’re so damn cute . " Twist smiled as he was holding Jaheem . 

" i missed you . " Lani said to Tune and kissed him on the cheek .

" i missed you too Princess . " he responded and smiled . " lookin just like ya mama . "

" wheres the 4th one ? Jabari right  ?" Twist asked . 

" probably upstairs with Dig . "

" oh Digs here ? " 

" yeah he was upstairs cleaning some . come on let me give you guys a tour of the house ." i replied . i took them all around downstairs and out in theback first , then we went upstairs to see everything else . we stopped in my bedroom last where Dig was at with Jabari . 

" aye wassup yall " Dig said then got upt o give them dap . 

" this room is big as hellll " Tune said as he looked around . " what that do over there ? " he asked and walked towards the elevator . 

" its an elevator that goes down to his man cave . " i answeered . 

" you shitin me . "

" i wish i was ." i replied then side eyed Dig . 

" you the nigga for that foreal . " Tune laugehd then gave Dig dap . " yall living life man , foreal . yall set . you can retire if you want to youre that set right now . "

" yeah but theres no retiring anytime soon . maybe a little break here and there but we’re not retiring . " i replied .

" cant stop wont stop . word to Diddy ." Twist replied and we laughed . 

" so what yall doing out here ? " Dig asked as the kids were cuddled all up on him in the bed . 

" business moves , skating , yaknow . " Tune answered . 

" no clubbing ? "

" possibly , but we’ll see what the night has in store for us . " Twist answered . 

" you going out with them ? " Dig asked me . 

" no , i didnt plan on it . " i answered . 

" well actually i was gonna ask you if you wanted to go out to eat with Tune and I tonight . we’re meeting up with a few other friends as well so i wanted to know if the both of you actually would like to go out . " Twist said . 

" sounds fine to me . what about you babe ? "

" ima be a party pooper tonight and stay in . still gotta rest my bones from all that moving . "

" aww baby you suuuuck . kids tell your daddy he sucks . " i said and we all started annoying him .

" get away . " Dig laughed . 

" well I’m down to go . what time ? "

" 9 oh clock ? "

" sounds great . " i smiled .

after a while , Tune and Twist left the house as i finished cleaning up some.

" i dont want you drinking tonight . " Dig said as i had just hopped out the shower .

" when do i ever really drink ? " i asked .

" im just saying . i dont want you drunk . not even tipsy . "

" we’re going with a bunch of other people babe . its just a social gathering . "

" a social gathering thats probly gonna end up being a club hopppin event . "

" we’re not going to the club . "

" you say that now . "

" well .. " i said then turned around to look at him . " if we go to the club i’ll be sure to let you know . "

" yeah cus you know theres a possibiilty . "

" yes there is a possibility that we will go to the club . its a friday night and we’re grown . " i said . Twist called me before i was finished getting dressed , so he waited in his car before i went out there . 

" be safe babe . "

" i will . dont worry . " i replied then kissed him before i left the house . 

" you look great . " Twist said when i got in the car .

" thank you . you smell amazing . " i responded . 

" Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive . "

" my favorite . " i smiled . 

" so i have some bad news … "

" what happened ? "

" everyone sort of … cancelled on dinner tonight . "

" everyone ? i thought it was supposed to be a whole bunch of people going out ? how did ALL of the flake ? "

" i kinda over exaggerated on that ‘everyone ’ part . there were only 2 others and Tune . "

" of course . i shouldve known . " i sighed . " wheres Tune ? "

" he business plans kinda turned out to be longer than he expected so he wasnt able to make it , and something popped up for the other 2 people , so that just leaves us 2 . is that fine with you , or …. ? "

" no its fine . that would be rude of me to cancel on you too . we could still go out to eat . "

" perfect . " he smiled . 

on that note , he drove us out to the heart of Manhattan at some new restaurant i havent been to yet . since he had to cancel the other reservations for the bigger group , we had to wait a little to be seated for 2 . 

" what shall the drinks be for tonight ? " our waiter asked . 

" i’ll have a glass of Moscato . " i answered . 

" & i’ll have some champagne . " Twist said . 

" great . that will be right out . " he said then left .

" you know whats funny ? " Twist asked .

" hm ? "

" the fact that tmrw morning i bet any kind of money that pictures of us two eating right here at this table are gonna be on blog sites with headlines like ’ you’ll never guess whos seeing eachother again !! ’ " he said and laughed .

" dont they always do that ? " i laughed . 

" yup and they never seem to get the point across that they’re false ."

" some things aint ever gonna change . " i replied . 

as the night continued , we shared drinks and ate our meals even tho i kept picking off of his plate cus his food was good . 

" excuse me ? Asia ? " some girl asked as she came to the table . 

" yes ? hi " i said and smiled . 

" can i have your autograph ? im a huge fan . " she said and smiled as she handed me a paper and pen . 

" yes of course . " i answered . " & who am i writing this to ? "

" Jamie . my names Jamie . " 

" alright . " i said and wrote a little note then signed it . " nice to meet you Jamie . "

" thank you so much . " she replied and smiled . 

" what a pretty girl . " i said as she walked away . 

" you know what trips me out all the time ? "

" what trips you out all the time Twist ? " i asked as i sipped my drink . 

" the fact that every time we got out together i think of how much im missing out on , like i get mad at myself every time because of how badly i fucked up a relationship with a good woman like you . " 

" well … things happen … "

" that shouldnt have happened tho . i shouldnt have cheated on you because i screwed my whole life up . "

" you’ve had too much to drink . " i said and took his drink from him . 

" no i havent . im just telling the truth . " he responded even tho he’s clearly atleast tipsey . " its crazy cus when i see your kids i cant help but think of what we could have … what we would have shared together if you wouldnt have had a miscarriage . "

" ok you need to keep the drinks far away from you Twist . " i said . 

i know Dig would hate to hear what he was saying so if Dig wouldnt like it then i should disapprove of it too . 

" can we have the bill please ? " i asked a waiter as he passed by the table . " im gonna get you back home now Twist . i think you need to call it a night . "

" Asia im fine . im fine. " he replied . 

once the bill was handed to us , i took out my card to pay for it but Twist insisted on doing so instead . i only let him to shut him up . 

Twist was clearly too drunk to drive , so i asked him where he was staying at so i could drive him back to his hotel . 

" you staying with me tonight ? " he asked as we got in .

" yeah im staying here tonight . " i lied just to get him to shut up . little does he know i already text Dig to ask him to pick me up from this hotel . 

" dont worry , i aint gonna do nothing to you . " he said and sat on the couch . 

" maybe you need to go lay down in bed and call it a night . "

" that sounds good . " he replied then got up to go to his bed . he stripped down to his boxers and laid in bed , then before i knew it he was snoring already . my plan to get him to sleep before i left worked out cus Dig called me on perfect time sayin he was outside . 

" night didnt turn out too well im assuming . "

" all was good until he kept blabbing on and on . " i responded . 

" i dont even wanna hear it . " he said . " im just glad you didnt stay the night there . "

" of course not . um , i have a husband . "

" & im glad i have a smart wife . " he responded . 

we made it home and as soon as we got to the room i called it a night . 


Twist had made up for the night at the restaurant and decided to make it up by getting me a gift . it was ncie and all but i tild him he didnt have to do all that . he was staying in NY longer than he expected , so we were hanging out much more since he was in town . paparazzi were always spotting us going out together and just always in public spending time together . it was so annoying having to clear things up with the media that we werent sparking a new flame or anything . its like they totally forgot i was married to one of the greatest rappers out . 

one day we had went out to NYC on 43rd street to be out in the city and just have fun . we were walking on the street like any other New Yorker going about their day . no body guards or anything cus we wanted to just be normal today and blend in . of course , like always , there were tons of people walking and just out on the street in general . the two of us were walking pretty quick trying to get to the movie theater cus our movie was starting soon and we were tryna get a seat before it started when suddenly we heard a gun shot go off into the crowd . i saw a quick glimpse of people scurrying in the crowd and definitely heard people screaming .

" oh what the hell ! " Twist said as soon as we heard the gunshot and hovered over me to protect me , but it was too late . 

i was hit by the bullet . 

" Asia youre bleeding ! youve been hit ! " Twist said .

i hadnt even noticed it myself cus it had happened so quick . 

before any of us could say anything else , there were two more shots that went off .

" shit ! " Twist yelled and sorta let go of everything and fell on me . 

" Twist ! oh my God Twist please tell me youre ok ! " i said as i turned around and realized that he got shot right on the back of his right shoulder . i started screaming for help as i got up from under Twist and took my scarf off and began to press it on his wound to stop the bleeding . Twist laid there so lifeless as i was trying to stop the bleeding cus there was alot of it . soon there were police prying me off of Twist so they can save him instead of me . 

" ma’am youve been shot as well we need to care to your wound . " the police officer said as he tried to calm me down .

" no i didnt leave me alone i have to save him ! " i yelled as i was trying to get out of the officers grip . 

" yes you have ma’am look at your arm ! " he replied and made me look . 

there it was . blood leaking all down my arm . 

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they just did everything this chapter bruh!!! that song would be hella crazy!! ahh! and the celebrity kids basketball game would really be cute as shit!!!

Facts facts facts lmaoo 😭👏😂

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This Fanfic On Wattpad

Alot of pointless chapters recently , but im just trying to brainstorm on some new ideas . bare with me til the end lol . 

in the mean time , you can read this fanfic on wattpad if you’d like to take it back to the beginning where it all started between Diggy and Asia available at the link . 

ive changed it up some so its a little better . 

thanks guys ! love you all <3


Asia C :)

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 59


today was a reat day in the stu cus not only was Pharrell still here with us but we had Odd Future in with us as well . we were making a good 6 minute track with every member in both groups . shit was gonna be epic . 

" so am i rapping or singing on this track ? " i asked .

" what the fuck kind of question is that nigga you rappin . " Tyler said . " hey can you rap like Beyonce did in that Flawless remix ? cus she went fuckin off in that song holy shit . "

" that album you made with Beyonce released the inner rapper in you . i know you could do it like that cus you did it before . " Troy said . 

" so yall basically want me to spazz on the track ? cus Bey went OFF . "

" if thats what you wanna call it then sure ." Tyler said . 

as other people like Jasper , Henry , Daquane , Hodgy and Mike G were recording their verses , i was still writing mine since they wanted me to kill it . 

" so wheres my verse gonna fit in at ? " i asked as we were tryna figure everything out . 

" ok your verse is gonna be the intro for me . " Tyler answered . " you know how in Mercy how Kanye was rapping on the breakdown before 2 Chainz’ verse and it was like the build up to it ? yeah youre gonna be Kanye and im gonna be 2 Chainz on this song basically . ew thats terrible i would hate to be 2 Chainz . "

" ight " i laughed . " so i really gotta kill it then . P what does the breakdown on this song sound like ? "

" like this . " he said and played just the breakdown where i was gonna be rapping on . 

" that beat goes hard oh shitttt " i said . " i got this . "

all i had to do was hear the beat once and it was stuck in my head so i can finish my verse . 

" ight its you and Tyler to finish it off . you ready ? " Syd asked . 

" yeah i just wanted to read it to make sure it made sense . " i answered . " im good tho . lets go . "

i went in the booth and put the headphones on not really knowing how they would react to my verse . i didnt know if it was fire enough to be introducing Tyler’s verse , let alone good enough for this dope ass beat P cooked up . P started the beat a little before my part was coming up , then i just went in and spit . when i record , singing or rapping , i always close my eyes cus it just makes me even more in the moment but today i had to open my eyes at times to read my lyrics cus they werent fully memorized yet . in my verse i lowkey was snapping tho . i was rapping faster than usual and even sorta like growling as i changed my voice at times . i felt like Nicki Minaj . when i was done i opened my eyes as i was taking off the headphones . 

" young nigga spazzin ! "Daquane said as they were all hype about it . 

" oh , hi babe . didnt know you were home . " i sweetly said as i saw him just standing there sorta in shock . i was always shy rapping in front of Dig . i didnt even like for him to hear me rap let alone watch me recording . this was his first time .

" i just got home , but what the hell where did that come from ? " he asked  and laughed . 

i was laughing as i came out the booth then went over to give him a hug . 

" my wife is a savage what the hell " he said as he continued laughing . 

" Asia has more bars then Diggy ? whaaat ? " Troy joked and we all laughed . 

" shit it sounds like , the fuck ." he laughed . 

" my nigga you spazzed foreal ." Tyler said and gave me dap . 

once that was all over , Tyler went in and dropped the hottest verse ever . im tellin you we were all hype af in this studio . 

" SpazzSZN ! " Troy exclaimed . 

once we did our ad-libs then listened to the song from top to bottom we were all even more hype . Tyler and Henry had to walk out of the studio cus the song was so fire . 

as the song was playing , Lani came in to be nosey and see her mom , but ended up liking the song and dancing to it in the middle of the studio . 

" look at that footwork ! SWAG ! " Tyler said then laughed . 

" thats my little dancer i swear . " i said and also laughed . 

" we’re making history . " Rob said . " when have two great groups ever came together like this ? WHEN ? "

" third times the charm im serious . " Jerrad said and smiled .

im loving the way this album is turning out . 

in addition to recording a bunch of songs for the album we were working on the album artwork . we decided to have none of our faces in the front , but a symbol or something that represents us . i chose as asian symbol that said ’ loyal ’ in chinese . Troy chose a Panda and so on for everyone else . for the pictures inside the booklet for the CD we had a solo picture on each page . i decided to go out of my old comfort zone and show alot of skin .

" Asia how many tattoos do you have ? "Jerrad asked as we were doing the photo shoot . 

" i dont remember . why ? "

" cus my nigga youre lowkey tatted as fuck . why have i never noticed this "

" cus my tattoos only show when i hardly have any clothes on . i never really wanted any tattoos that were obvious . i kinda like hiding them . " i answered . 

" i feel it . " he replied . 

" hey Sploosh you should do a shirtless pose so we can kinda attract the ladies to our group since you have that sex appeal . no homo tho . " Henry said to Tyler as he was getting his pictures taken . 

" this outfit isnt a good fit to be shirtless . the color of these pants dont go with my skin tone . "

" oh my god tyler . " i said and sighed . " why are you so damn picky "

" im not picky . & today wasnt arm day . im not feelin myself to be shirtless . "

" do some push ups right now and drink your water then you’ll be ight . " i answered , already knowing how to solve his problems . 

" fine . " he said . " Anthony do some push ups with me . dont let me sit hear looking lonely ."

" what ? " Anthony said and laughed . " fine . "

they both did like 30 push ups together , Tyler drank some water , then took his shirt and got back on set to finish his shoot . 

" LIGHTSKIN TOOKIE WILLIAMS " Henry joked and everyone , even the photogrpaher started laughing hella hard . 

" Tyler youre fuckin yolked ! " Jerrad said and laughed . " you might as well get in there with him since both of you guys are showing hella skin . "

" might as well huh ? " i asked . " ima photobomb in a sec , let him get his pictures in first . eventually i hopped in and we started posing for pictures together . " we’re not gonna do anything with those . i just want them for nothing . "


aside from the Team Hool business stuff Asia was working on , there was some serious family time being spent with myself and the kids . we went to Six Flags and went on the baby rides since they were still too small for the other rides and just spent some good quality time out there as well as going to Venice Beach since Cali wants to have some weird weather and be hot for a few days in October . it was school time for the kids , so we only went out and did things on the weekends since the triplets had preschool to go to . We would even have Jeremiah spending time with us sometimes since he lived in LA now too . 

" so hows basketball conditioning going ? " i asked as we were grocery shopping to pick some things up for dinner tonight . 

" it just started and its already hard as hell . Coach Davis is craaazzy . i feel like im in the army or something . its not even all basketball drills we’re doing . were basically just working out right now . "

" thats what conditioning is all about . you gotta get in shape and be fit enough to play ball . and according to him you gotta be real fit to play on his team . "

" i know that but back in high school we were still on the court going over some drills and stuff . we’re mainly on the track and in the weight room right now . "

" that was high school . college is a whole new level youngin . " i responded then patted him on the back . " go grab me some cilantro over there please . "

" i just didnt think it was gonna be this hard . " he responded and put the cilantro in the basket . 

" youre gonna stick with it tho right ? "

" yeah ima stick with it ." he sighed . 

" stick with it . trust me . you’ll regret it in the long run . " i said . " how are your potential teammates tho ? "

" they’re coo . "

" you friends with them ? "

" yeah i have my roomate on the team as well as the 15 other black people trying out . we all chill together damn near everyday cus we all live in the same dorm building . its kinda diverse tho . theres like 8 white people and 9 mexican guys . 1 indian dude , 4 asians and 2 hawaiian guys . "

" sounds like the colored is dominating . " i joked . 

" yeah we pretty solid . we’re all good too . theres no way coach can cut all of us . "

" dont get your hopes up too high . anything can happen . "

" so you saying ima get cut ? "

" nah im saying dont think all 15 of yall gonna get on the team ." i replied . " you got skills tho . you got this . "

" can we ball up when we get back to your house ? i have some things ive wanted to work on on my spare time . "

" you got it . " i replied . 

once we finished grocery shopping and avoiding paparazzi ,we got back home to Asia and the kids . 

" got everything on the list ? " Asia asked when we brought all the grocery bags in the kitchen .

" yes ma’am . " i answered .

" thank you baby . " she said then kissed me . " i’ll start dinner right now . "

tonight was one of my favorite nights - taco night . i would normally be helping her cook but tonight i put that off so i can practice some drills with Jeremiah in basketball court . 

" this court wasnt in here when you bought this house was it ? "

" nah , had it built like a year and a half ago ." i answered as i was getting a ball off the shelves . " so what are you tryna work on ? "

" i just wanna work on some shooting drills . i got this new form i wanna try out and see if its gonna work with me for the season or not before season comes . "

" alright then . lets see it . " i replied then passed him the ball . 

he dribbled a little to get prepared , then got in his form as he shot the ball and missed the basket . 

" not uh . that wasnt right . " i laughed as i rebounded his shot . 

" what ? you aint like it ? come on Unc . " he also laughed .

" stick with your old form cus this one aint working out ."

" it was one shot . "

" & off that one shot i can already see it not working . " i replied . 

" ima try it again . " he insisted , then shot again and missed . " ight i’ll stick with the old one . "

" you know Eugene Taylor stuck with the same form since his high school career ? "

" he probly did .. everyone does damn near . "

" you’d be surprised not everyone does . " i responded . " he tried changing his and it didnt work out just like how this is going right now . have you ever paid attention to his form ? "

" nah hes not one of my favorite players . " he answered . 

" ima take you to a Lakers game so you can see it for yourself cus that mans stroke game in genius . no homo ." i replied and he laughed . 

" would you really take me tho ? "

" yeah . they’re in pre season right now so theres some game we can catch . " i said then shot the ball . " heres what i’ll do . i’ll take you and your friends on your team to a Lakers game so yall can scope the pros out and learn some things from them ONLY if you promise me youre gonna stick to conditioning and basketball . "

" thats a bet . " he replied as he smiled the gave me dap . 

" alright then cool . you wanna go on the computer to see what dates of pre season are left so we can get the tickets ? "

" yeah lets go . " he answered . 

we went upstairs to the office and got on my computer to look it up . there were only 3 games left - 2 against Utah Jazz and 1 against the Golden State Warriors , so Jeremiah decided to pick the one against Golden State .

" alright ima make some calls first to see if i can get these floor seats a little cheaper then ill let you know so you can tell me how many tickets to get , alright ? "

" ayeee thats wassup ! alright Unc , thanks . cant wait to tell the homies at conditioning on Monday . " he responded as his face lit up . 

we went back to shooting around in the gym a little until Asia called us in for dinner . 

" you aint got a girlfriend yet ? " Asia asked as we were at the dinner table . 

" no why you always asking if i have a girlfriend ? "

" cus youre a handsome young man who is fond of the ladies and that is now on a basketball team in college . plus youre known i guess you can say . some female is bound to be up under you . "

" i get a few stares and some ladies in class sorta talk to me alot but nothing serious ."

" good . " Asia said . 

" Uncle is taking me to a basketball game next week ." Jeremiah said . 

" who’s playing ? "

" Lakers versus Warriors . "

" home versus home . sounds exciting . just you 2 ?"

" & my basketball squad . "

" im only taking them to watch and learn how the pros do it , " i butted in so i can save myself from the talk asia would give me about spending money like crazy . 

" aw that sounds like fun . " she replied . 

" i want to go to a basketball game too daddy " Pharoah said . 

" you and I can play our own basketball game at home . it will be 10 times better than the game daddy is going to , ok ? "

" ok ! "

" alright ! high five . " Asia replied and Ro slapped her hand . 

" our game is going to be funner daddy ! " Ro said .

" got that right . " i replied and laughed .

" wait can i play too ? " i asked Ro .

" nope youre going to a basketball game with cousin Jay . " he responded and shook his head . " its just me and mommy . "

me and mommy …. yeah right . 

the day Jeremiah, his friends and I were going to the basketball game , Asia had really taken this basketball game serious and made it into a Kids Celebrity Basketball Game at our house . she invited all our friends and their kids 3 and up to come and play a game . her game started at 2 and our game started at 6:30 so i had time to watch it before we left . i didnt expect to actually see a bunch of celebrities and their kids to come but they were actually here . 

" whats up Marcell ? " i asked when him and his dad , Breezy , came over to me . " you ready to play some basketball ? "

" yup ! " he answered then gave me a high five . 

" waddup bruh " i said to Chris . " you good ? "

" yup , ready to watch my son murder those kids on the court . " he joked . 

" Pharoah been ready for this . he might be the youngest on the court but those skills dont act like it . "

" blah blah blah . " he replied and we both laughed . " nah thats good tho cus Marcell is on the same team as your boys . "

" oh yup we winning then . " i replied and laughed . 


since Dig and Jeremiah were going out to their little basketball game today i decided to have my own little basketball game at the house with the kids . everyones kids . the first annual Kids Celebrity basketball game was being held at the Simmons Center for all kids of celebrities to play at today . i bought 2 mini basketball hoops that were about 6 and a half or 7 feet high to set up and i had invited a good amount of people and within this past week we all talke it out and formed 2 teams . celebrities like Princeton and all of MB were here with their kids , Breezy and his kids , Tyga and his family plus many more older and younger celebrities that had kids old enough to play . even Dig’s parents flew out here with Nessa and her kids and Angela and her son Tony .  i had one team of kids wearing white tank tops and the other team wearing black ones . i definitely wouldve got jerserys and went all out but there wasnt enough time for all that . the age ranges were between 3 and 7 with and equal amount of the same age kid on each team so it was pretty fair . i set up the court with the chairs and all that for the players and the audience and the coaches were Roc Royal for the white squad and Trevor Jackson for the black squad with Troy as the ref . this was going down like a real game today . 

" Roc you can make your own basketball team with all your kids . " I joked as he grabbed the mic from me to introduce his team after i said the opening remarks . 

" ha ha very funny . " he said and took the mic then laughed . " alright so for my team , the white squad also known as the Kool Kids we got … drumroll please . "

" youre so extra ! " i shouted and all of us laughed . 

" forget yall then . " Roc laughed then the kids started hitting the ground . " thank you kids . yall got my back . " 

" he is so extra i swear . " i said to Teyana and we laughed . 

" CJ ! "

" Pharaoh ! "

" Cameron ! " Roc exclaimed as he was announcing each kids name on his team as they would run over to him after they were called up . Trevor did the same thing and announced the kids on his team . 

the game had finally started and it was so cute seeing the kids trying to work together as a team . all the parents were cheering their kids on and everything . it was such a great thing to see everyone coming together for this . during half time i made sure water was provided for the kids and everything . the little girls were over there shaking their pom poms and jumping everywhere still as they were acting as the boys’ cheerleaders . it was all too cute . 

" this was such a great idea . what made you come up with this ? " dad asked .

" Daniel going to the Lakers game today . Ro wanted to go with him but i knew Daniel wouldnt want to put up with the kids so i told Ro we could have our own game and yeah here we are . "

" you took that to heart . " he replied and we both laughed .


during the game i was one the sideline as i watched the kids , mainly my kids , carefully to see how they were doing . 

" nice pass Ro ! " i said as he had passed the ball to my nephew Aiden , Nessa’s son . i had to stop talking to him in the middle of the game tho cus he would get distracted . 

finally it was half time , so i had the kids grab their waters then come over to me . 

" you guys are doing great out there " i said then gave them high fives . " remember Ja , you always have to dribble when you have the ball in your hand or else uncle Troy is gonna blow the whistle and make you stop again , ok ? "

" ok daddy . "

" and Ro , youre doing good out there , keep up the work ok ? "

" got it . " he smiled then gave me a high five as well . 

" good job brother ! " Lani said in her cute little voice and gave both of them hugs . 

" mommy is so proud of you guys . both of you are doing fantastic ! " Asia said . 

" daddy look im a cheerleader ! " Lani said and shook her pom poms . 

" youre a beautiful cheerleader " i said then kissed her . 

when the third quarter started it felt like it ended cus it was so quick . we made these quarters only 5 minutes long so we wouldnt be working the kids to death . in the 4th quarter Jaheem had made such a clean shot . it got me and Chris so hyped cus Marcell was the one to pass the ball to Ja . we both gave each other such a vicious high five . serious proud dad moment . 

in the end , the white squad won with a final score of 14 to 10 . the kids lined up to pass by each other and give high fives and everything . the winning team even got a little trophy for each kid and everything . 

" here comes the winners ! " i said when Ro and Jaheem came over with their trophies . i picked both of them up so they can show off their trophies . 

" look at my basketball stars ! " Asia said then kissed both of the kids . 

" congratulations ! " Lani said and kept messing the word up , but still got the point across and still hugged her brothers . 

everyone stayed over for a little while longer , then eventually left because it started to get late . i had to get in the shower and all that to go to the Lakers games with the boys so i did that as they were all just arriving in their cars . 

it was me , Jeremiah and 15 other kids in this van heading out to the game . the whole way there they were talking and predicting what the final score was gonna be tonight . when we got there , we walked straight down to the floor seats i had reserved . some of us didnt get floor seats exactly since they decided they didnt want to be all in the same row since there were so much of us , so some went in the row behind us to enjoy the game . as the players came out to warm up , i was receiving dap from some of the guys and even Coach Jamison as they passed by me . 

" you just dapped James Dinh . " Devon said in shock .

" thats the homie . " i responded . 

" thats a legend mann . " he replied . 

" alright yall pay attention to the skill these men on both teams have . " i said as the game began . 

once the game started , it was sorta slow in the beginning and had its good moments until the second quarter near half time . it had got more intense then . 

" did you see that cross over ?! " Aaron asked . " he just shook dude ! "

" im telling yall , Eugene Taylor is the truth ! " i said . 

" ima agree with you on that one foreal . thats the man . " Joshua said and gave me dap . 

the game was tied once half time hit . it was just getting good too . 

" you hungry or anything ? " i asked Jeremiah . 

" nah im cool . "

" anyone else hungry or thirsty ? i’ll give you some cash to head to the top and get some food if yall want . " i said to everyone else . 

" on that note . " Duce said and took the money to go get something . the cheerleaders came out for the half time show and started to perform right in front of us as he had just stood up . " after they perform tho . theres no way ima miss these fine ass girls dancing in front of us . " 

" you horn dog . i’ll go get it . what yall want ? " John said and took orders then left . 

" man look at that butt . " Duce said as they were bent over . he had me so weak checking these girls out . once they faced us again , each of them blew a kiss out to the audience and one of the cheerleaders blew a kiss towards us . " that was to me . yall cant tell me that kiss wasnt to me right now . ohh Lord . she want it . she want the d . "

" my nigga shut up . " Jeremiah said and we all laughed . 

John came back with everyones stuff , then third quarter started a few minutes later . the first second we knew the next half of this game was going to be intense and for sure intense it was . 

the game ended with the Lakers winning and a score of 103 to 90 on the screen . 

" alright i have a surprise for you guys - we’re going to the Lakers locker room . "

" when ? right now ? "  Sammy asked . 

" yes , right now . " i laughed . 

" oh shit lets go " Duce excitedly said . 

" lets roll then . "

we all got out of our seats and began walking to the locker room . on the way there i gave them their passes to get passed security and to the players . 

" my main man Diggy . " Eugene said and gave me dap . 

" wassup man ? good game out there . "

" thanks man . ‘preciate it . " he replied . i made my rounds to all the players to say wassup , then i introduced my group to them . " this right here is a hopeful group of indivuals who are currently conditioning for the basketball team at CSULA this season . this is Jeremiah , Duce , John … " i said as i said each kids name and the players greeted them with open arms . 

" this your charity group or something ? " Zeus Mcfly asked . 

" nah my nephew Jeremiah is on this team . i decided it was a good idea to bring them out and have them take note of how a pro does it on the court . i wanted them to continue pursueing their bascketball careers and motivate them to stick through it , so do you guys have any words of wisdom or advice to give them to motivate them in continuing their basketball careers in college ? " i asked and each player gave them some really good advice . god enough for me to actually note some things for my career myself . " and there you have it . " i said when all the players had said their parts . " i appreciate it y’all . hopefully this advice will take them a long way . "

 ” no problem . we love the aspiring basketball players . ” James Dinh said . 

i had the kid take some group and individual pictures with the players as i took some pictures with my niggas as well , then we had left . 

" nigga i took a picture with James Dinh ! this night is amazing ! i swear hes been my favorite player since middle school . ” Devon said as we were in the van leaving the game . 

" so yall had a good time ? "

" hell mothafucking yes . thank you so much man . i really appreciate it ."

" no problem . i hope this really helped you guys out . and i hope each of you guys make it on the team . you all deserve it . & who knows , we might all be able to go to another game . "

" thank you foreal . i appreciate it alot . " Aaraon replied . 

 we got back to my house and got dropped off by the van i rented for the day , then the boys got in their cars to drive back to campus . 

" you going back to your dorm tonight or staying the night ? " i asked Jeremiah . 

" back to my dorm . i have class in the morning . "

" thats right , duh . " i laughed . " ight i’ll see you soon then . "

" fasho Unc . thank you for tonight ."

" no problem . " i replied then gave him a hug before he hopped in his car with his friends watiing for him . 

" you have the coolest uncle ever bruh i swear ! " i heard Jordan say as they were pulling away . 

i laughed , then when they were all gone , went in the house and walkde straight upstairs to the bedroom . 

" hey . "

" shhhh " Asia said as i walked in and didnt see Ro sleep on the bed next to Asia as she was reading a book . " can you take him to his room for me real quick ? "

" yeah . " i whispered , then went on his side to pick him up and place him in his bed . 

" so , how was it ? " Asia asked when i came back to the room and closed the door behind me . 

" the boys LOVED it . i swear they were so excited the whole time . they were even ore hype when we went to the locker rooms to talk to the players . "

" wow . looks like you’ve won Man of The Year ."

" i guess you can say that . " i said and laughed as i stripped down my clothes and got in the shower . " how long ago did the kids fall asleep ? "

" like 2 hours ago . they were wore out from that game . " she answered as we had a conversation with me in the shower . 

" im sure the boys were wore out . they were going in on that court today . " i replied . when i got out the shower , i put some pajama pants on and got in bed shirtless . " Ro couldnt fall asleep on his own tonight or something ? "

" no , he just wanted to cuddle up with his mama . " she answered then cuddled up next to me as she ran her fingers on my abs . " I’m so proud of the kids we’re raising . their so smart and obedient and - "

" perfect . we have perfect kids . "

" now i wouldnt say perfect but theyre pretty close to it . "

" i say perfect . wanna know why ? cus they were held for 9 months by the most perfect woman in the world . " i said and kissed her forehead . 

" and i say they’re pretty close to perfect cus you give them that little disadvantage since they’re a part of you too . " she joked

" youre such an asshole ."  i replied and laughed . 

" im just kidding calm down . youre perfect too . " she also laughed then kissed me . 

" well i guess its ok to practice making more perfect babies then . " i said and kissed her neck . 

" i guess so . " she responded as i got on top of her .

practice makes perfect . 

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It's been a minute since we've heard from Spin 😱 But these niggas tryna be nasty 😏 And oh my damn that really is a lot of cities to go to for movie screenings 😑

Yeah he’s been away for a while , had to bring him back ✊ & yaaaawp you already know 😏😂

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