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yeesssssss do that!! we pretty much have similar styles; some days its a more comfortable/tomboyish look and the others I can be hella girly

I gotchu !! I’ll post some on polyvore tmrw !

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oh nothing much ya know just life!! cause I HATE picking out stuff to wear. I will put together 3-4 outfits, put em all on, just to go back to the first thing I picked out

Lmfaooo I feel you , I definitely do that sometimes . You want me to pick you out outfits on polyvore ?

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BRUH!! can you dress me?!!! ima have to make a polyvore for this, even though my sister asked me to make one a long time ago...

Yes of course lol what’s the occasion ?

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◢ Can y’all follow me on Polyvore if you have an account ?

I’m using it as one of my portfolios for school and I would really appreciate if y’all followed me . It would make my profile look better cus I just joined lol . & y’all know I’m a fashion major so I have some good outfits on there 😉👍 thanks ! http://comans-asia.polyvore.com/#cs

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◢ Chapter on Thursday ✌️

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oh shit that movie sounds good!!! and that cast is fye!!!! and I don't know why asia nervous, she'll do fine!!!!

She nervous cus the cast is fye lmaoo

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◢ Do me a favor …

& click this link http://www.kmel.com/pages/home-turf/?1 to help DaQuane get his song on the radio ! Thanks !

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 54


" my nigga you went all out . " Teyana said as i showed her some pictures of the house . " you must have really wanted to move back out here doing all this for her . "

" that and i knew she wanted a better house than the one we got in LA . " i answered . 

" thats definitely better than the one in LA . she aint ever gonna wanna go back to Cali . "

" fine with me . " i said and laughed . 

" alright lets get it together people ! " director called out and we got back on set . 

" my dude needs to get laid or something . i dont know whats up his ass . " Teyana said as we started walking to set .

" yoooo " i said and laughed . " you aint lie tho . "

we’ve gotten to the part of the season where Jennifer and Blake are now secretly seeing each other while Blake is still dating Teyana . i hated kissing other females besides my wife . shit was weird , but its all in the job of acting .

finally at the end of the night we wrapped things up and got to go home for the night . 

" aye Dig we going out to get some drinks right now . wanna join ? " Allen asked as we were headed to the parking lot . 

" um .. " i said and thought . i havent been out with the guys in a minute . why not ? " yeah count me in . i’ll follow yall . "

" sweet . we out ! " he replied and we all got in our cars . 

on the way there i texted Asia to let her know i wasnt coming straight home tonight so she wont be up worrying about me , then continued driving to have cool night out with the dudes .

" this is a very need night . " Chris said as we were walking to the club entrance with no body guards or anything . 

" aw shit i forgot we’re with you right now . " Allen said when we saw people beginning to notice us . once a girl screamed we knew it was bad . we hurried to the front of the line and security rushed us in .

" & why didnt we go through the back ? " i asked . 

" shit …. forgot . " Chris laughed . " we in now tho . lets get this night started . "

we went straight to VIP and automatically ordered our bottle service . i thought we were just going out for a few drinks , not for bottle sparklers . if thats what they like then why not . 

the night was going all good and everything . ran into a few of the homies like Fab , Jadakiss and 2 others and all that . it was going smooth until i was realizing that Allen was having a bit too much to drink . 

" bruh dont you think you should slow down some ? " i asked as he took another bottle to the head . 

" slowing down is not in my dictionary tonight . " he laughed then drank some more .

" ight then , thats on you . " i responded .

i had no idea was his drinking tolerance was or anything . ive only been out for drinks with him like twice and it wasnt nearly as much as this . 

" looks like ima be babysitting Allen tonight . " Chris said as he looked over and saw him with a girl on his lap . 

" goodluck kid . " i replied and patted him on the back .

" thanks . " he mumbled . 

we obivously didnt stay too much longer because Allen ended up getting into an arguement with some dude passing by us . thats when we called it a rap and got out the club .

" shit hes heavy . " i said when Chris and I got him in Chris’s car .

" foreal . " Chris replied as he was catching his breath . 

" ight you good ? "

" yeah ima be straight . this aint my first time doing this . "

" alright . see you tmrw . "

" alright . peace . " he replied and i walked to my car . 

i sat in the car for a second before pulling off to make sure Chris was good enough to drive and wasnt swerving . once he left , i left as well and went to the crib to call it a night . 


" bruh slide through . I’m bored at my house . "

" i came to LA to work Asia . you always make me come by your house . " Troy said and laughed . 

" ok but why would you not wanna come by ? this house is amazing . "

" yeah you right but a niggas got to work . i’ll hit you up after im done working and see if you still available . "

" ight pretty bitch . " i replied and hung up . " he aint gonna hit me up . " i said to myself . 

maybe its a good thing that he cant come cus i gotta rehearse my lines for this movie . i’ll be flying out to Egypt in 2 weeks and i still avent got my lines down completely . the whole moving and buying a house things side tracked me from rehearsing so i gotta catch up . 

about 30 minutes into rehearsing , i got a call on my phone interuppting me . 

" hey you . whats up ? " i asked as i answered Justin’s call . 

" i was working and got done a little early . thought i would hit you up and stop by or something . are you available ? "

" yes i am . i’ve just been rehearsing and stuff . you can stop by tho . i’ll be more than happy for some company . "

" sure thing , beautiful . i’ll be there in an hour . "

" great . " i said and smiled then hung up . 

theres no stopping Justin from calling me cute names , so i just gave up on making him stop . im used to it now . 

i only rehearsed for like 20 more minutes before stopping again and started making lunch for Justin and I . he said hes been working , so that means he probly didnt get a chance to eat yet . praying that he doesnt stop for food on his way here , i made both of us some sandwiches - him his favorite which is tomato and mayo on some Wonder Bread and mine was a tuna sandwich . i dont know why he likes that plain ass sandwich . 

i finished as soon as i heard the doorbell ring , so i went over to answer it .

" hey gorgeous . " he smiled as he hand a bouquet of flowers in his hands .

" aww you didnt have to do that . " i smiled as i was handed the flowers . " these flowers smell different . did you spray your cologne on them or something ? "

" exactly . " he replied and we laughed . 

" come in weirdo . " i laughed and let him in the house . 

" smells good in here . what’d you do , clean up before i got here or something ? "

" no i just sprayed the house with some house fragrance . it was already clean . " i answered .

" you still did it for me tho . " he smirked . 

" boy bye . " i laughed . 

" where’s Dig and the kids at ? "

" all in New York with Dig’s parents . "

" you got the house to yourself ? i thought that was impossible . "

" hell so did i until we all flew out there together and the kids ended up just staying . Dig is out there filming for his show and i was there the whole time til about a few days ago cus i have to pack and rehearse . "

" for what ? "

" this new movie i got casted in . its called Abducted Tanta . It’s about a royal family you know king and Queen and all that in a city called Tanta that’s in Egypt . i play this Egyptian princess that gets kidnapped and held for ransom until this King decides to do something about it , but in the meanwhile the whole city goes down cus the King’s focus is on getting his daughter back . its better when reading the scripts and all that . "

" so you’ll be out in Africa ? "

" yup for 2 months . possibly longer cus i wanna stay in Africa and do some work with people in Nigeria and South Africa and stuff . "

" good deeds . you’ve always been the nice one . "

" yes , yes i have . " i smiled . " hey you look good . been working out and getting helathy or something ? "

" new diet . gotta get right . cant let myself go . "

" i heard that . high five . " i responded and he slapped my hand hella hard . " so uncalled for , asshole . "

" some things never change . " he laughed . 

" i hope youre hungry . i made your favorite sandwhich . " i said and he followed me to the kitchen .

" no way . " he laughed . " i havent had this in years . "

" really ? something so simple .. "

" right , you’d think id make this on a daily or something . " he responded after he took a bite of his sandwich . " i swear everything you do is 10 times better than when someone else does the same exact thing . "

" you just havent had it in years . thats all . " i responded and shook my head as he devoured that sandwhich . 

i took my sandwich over to the living room and ate it while we talked .

" we should go out to eat for a meal since we both have nothing to do . "

" i actually have something to do . im just neglecting it . " i responded . " but sure why not . lemme get dressed . actually do i have time to shower first ? "

" you have all the time in the world . " he replied .

" perffffff . i’ll be back . make yourself at home . " i said and ran up the stairs to go get ready . 

i picked an outfit out first , then got in the shower and all that good stuff . 

" 42 minutes and 37 seconds . " Justin said as i got downstairs fully ready . 

" you did not just time me . "

" you know i did . wanted to see if you could beat your old record . "

" of 48 minutes and something seconds right ? "

" exactly . "

" look who beat it . hollaaaa " i said and we laughed . 

" shall we ? " he asked and held his elbow out . 

" we shall . " i smiled and linked onto him . 

we left the house and i locked up behind me , then he opened the car door for me and we left the house to go out to eat . 

" japanes restaurant . you craving it or something ? "

" been for a while now . " he answered when he pulled up to valet . Justin got out the car and tossed the valet driver his keys , then came on my side and opened my door . 

" such a gentlemen . " i smiled . we linked arms again and walked into the restaurant . it wasnt busy or anything , so we got a table immediately . " no paparazzi . surprise surprise . "

" they’re somewhere lurkin . " he said and laughed . 

" yeah when it comes to you theyre all over your ass . " i joked . 

" no kidding tho . " he laughed .

" hello my name is Julia and i’ll be your server for the day . any drinks to start you two off today ? "

" i’ll have a Kamikaze and she’ll have a mimosa . " Justin answered .

" youre driving . youre not drinking a kamikaze . " i said and looked at him . " he’ll take a Cape Cod instead . "

" i’ll take the kamikaze . "

" no do not get him the kamikaze get him the cape cod . "

" dont listen to her . do what i said . "

" if you listen to him i will deliberately eat my food and walk out without paying . get him the cape cod . "

" fine , get me the cape cod . " he sighed . 

" thanks . " i said and smiled at her as she looked so confused . " Justint hat poor girl probly hates her job now . "

" shes been through worse , trust me . we’re in Beverly Hills . theres bound to be someone far worse than me . "

" you sure about that ? cus you can be an asshole . "

" thanks Asia . very nice . " he replied and we laughed .

" how’d you know i’d be good with a mimosa anyways ? "

" you used to order them and you only like fruity drinks . "

" ok then . i’ll give that to you . " i said , impressed .

it got quiet for a second as we both looked for what we wanted , then once we got our drinks it was back to talking .

"so , im moving to New York . "

" what ? why ? when ? "

" calm down . " i laughed . " Dig wanted to move back home . its only fair since i trapped him in California for so long . "

" when are you moving out there ? "

" i dont know , most likely in a few more months once me and Dig are finished filming or projects . "

" youre just gonna leave your house in LA like that ? geeze . "

" well we’re still keeping this house , but i know youre right . i was reconsidering moving out there but he convinced me then we went to go look at houses just to find out that the house he took me to was already purchased by him . he didnt even talk to me about it . he just bought the damn thing ."

" damn you guys already bought a house ? its serious then . "

" yeah i know thats what i said . im going to miss it out here foreal but this house he got is sooooooo amazing . " i replied and was telling him about everything in it .

" you need to have a house warming party so i can get my ass out there then . " he joked .

" right . " i laughed . " im going to miss all my friends in LA tho . literally all my close friends are out here . i dont really have any friends in New York . "

" you know everyone . you have friends . "

" i KNOW them but we’re not on friend level like that to the point where they would just come to my house unnannounced and i’d be ok with it . "

" true . you’ll survive out there tho trust me . you’ll make plenty of friends . youre not even gonna think of LA anymore . "

" yeah right . " i mumbled . 

once we got our food , we were happy and satisfied , then left the restaurant full . 

" that was very needed . " he said as we got in the car .

" it really was . thank you for taking me out today . that was very nice of you . "

" no problem . it was the least i could do . i still owe you for everything you’ve done for me . "

" dont sweat it . " i smiled . 

when we pulled up to my house , he opened the car door for me and walked me to the front door . 

" call me anytime , alright ? " he asked then hugged me . 

" got it . " i smiled then we let go of each other . " get home safely . text me when youre in . "

" i will . " he replied as he walked back to his car and i walked in the house . 

thank God for Justin maturing more . 


2 weeks were up and i was finally flying out to Egypt for this movie . i couldnt wait to start filming . i wanted to be in Egypt already for one and for two because of the great cast we had . Playing as King Apophus was Terrence Howard , Queen Tesamen was Jada Pinkett-Smith, the brother of Princess Nanu , Prince Khai , was Luke James and a number of other great looking individuals who can act were in the movie as well . 

getting off that 20 hour flight felt like heaven . atleast i was in a jet tho and not cramped in something else . i had a driver waiting for my bodyguard and i upon arrival , then he drove us to where i would be staying for the next 2 months . 

" i wonder where everyone else is staying at . you think they’re in here too ? " i asked Tank , the bodyguard . 

" most likely . i dont think they would have everyone so spread out . especially knowing how far we gotta drive out to get to the filming ground . "

" true , they might just round us up altogether so we can get there as one . " i responded . 

" you don’t have any of their numbers ? "

" no im not close to any of them like that . i shouldve got it when we had that cast meeting . "

" that wouldve been smart . "

" thanks Tank . " i replied . 

10 minutes later , the room phone starts ringing so i went to answer it . 

" hello ? oh hi how are you doing ? im fine , thankful im here safely . oh so we’re all in the same place ? perfect . 20 minutes ? ok i’ll be down there , thanks . " i said and hung up the phone . 

" so everyones together ? " Tank asked . 

" yup and we’re having a meeting in the meeting room in 20 minutes . "

" i JUST took my shoes off . "

" oh Tank , " i said and laughed . " pretty sure you can stay tho . its just a meeting . im not leaving the room . "

" i’ll walk you down to the room then come back up once i know youre there safely . "

" ok thats fine . " i replied . 

i freshened up and changed clothes within 15 minutes and got to the meeting 3 minutes before i was supposed to be there . there were others here , including Terrence . 

" hey you . " i smiled when i walked in the room .

" hey , how are you ? "

" much better now that im off that plane . how was your flight ? "

" had a few bumps in it but other than that it was good . glad im in one piece . "

" you can say that again . " i replied . 

" whats up royal family . " Luke said when he walked in . 

" hey . " i smiled and got up to hug him . " you look good ! someones been working out for this role . "

" they told me i’d be shirtless for most of the film so you know i had to get right . " he replied and smiled . 

" great initiative to take . " i laughed . 

once we were altogether , the meeting started . we were notified how far the place where the filiming would take place was and all that . knowing that this film was finally starting was such an anxious and excititng feeling . it felt weird not having Dig by my side , but this is the leap of courage i had to take on my own . 

lets hope i dont make myself look stupid . 

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yassss that house 🙌😍

its amazinggggggg lol

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that is one legit ass house!!!!! and I swear I probably would've reacted the same way, beat him up first then love on him later!!! good chapter babes!!!!

that house is insane fr lol . & exactly hahaha . thanks ! 

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Oh he just knows how to keep us smiling. lol. JK. But seriously that house sounds nice as hell. I'm super jelly but so excited for them. Make me want to go buy a house just to decorate and see all the cool stuff it has to bring to the table. SN: Did you find the house online or is that all thought up from imagination, cause if it was imagination you have a hell of an imagination. But seriously, in my story I've been looking for a house, but what I've seen doesn't suffice. lol. Great chapter!

RIGHT lol . & I was researching some houses and kinda got an idea of how I wanted to describe this house , but it wasn’t all in one like this one . Researching these houses definitely made me wanna move and redecorate no lie lmaooo . Thank you !

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 53


After guest starring in The Start Up , i stayed out in New York with the Dig , his parents and the kids for another month and a half . i loved having their help with all 4 of them and they were so good with the kids . made me feel bad for keeping them from the kids for a while . totally on accident tho . both me and Dig’s fault on that one . 

" i see you’ve been enjoying yourself out here . havent even mentioned going back home in a while . " Dig said as we were laying in bed together bout to go to sleep . 

" yeah something like that . " i answered as i rubbed his muscles . " obviously youre enjoying it out here . "

" yeah something like that . " he replied and then looked at me and smirked . " the kids love it out here too . its that New York blood they got in them . "

" but theyre forever Cali babies . " i responded and smiled .

" whatever . " he laughed . " have you ever considered moving ? "

" moving ? no , i havent . we have a solid home in LA . why would we would move ? "

" i dont know , maybe we could find a home out here in New York and still keep our house in LA . "

" so youre telling me you wanna move to New York ? "

" yeah sorta . i miss being home . plus , my parents are amazing with the kids . they love them and like i said , the kids love it here . they could use some time with their grandparents too . i dont want to keep them away from each other anymore like what we’ve been doing these past few months . "

" i AM getting a little tired of LA tho to be honest .. " i replied and looked at him . 

" & i know youve wanted to redecorate some of the rooms in the house . "

i just smiled , then looked at him again .

" you had me at redecorate . " 

" serious ? so you wanna move out here ? "

" sure , why not . i want the kids to be with your parents some more too honestly . "

" well then , we can go house hunting my next day off . "

" perfect . " i smiled then he kissed me .


" this house has a nice backyard . very spacious . "  Mom said as we were in her office looking for houses on the computer .

" it doesnt have an outhouse tho . i need a house in the back . "

" oh cus that was your little getaway spot right ? "

" yess . if Dig is keeping his man cave im keeping my outhouse . "

" i heard that . " she laughed . 

" ive noticed alot of these houses are in Upper West Side and Glen Cove . "

" well what type of scenery do you want ? because Glen Clove has alot of open areas like golf courses and parks and such things . Upper West Side is basically Manhattan so its near the city more . "

" i want to be near the city more ,  but i dont where Dig wants to be at . "

" well Glen Cove is an hour away from NYC and all that . knowing you , you might get bored being there . "

" i see … " i said and thought . " well , i’ll make sure i get addresses and stuff to Dig’s attention and hopefully he’ll agree with me . "

" happy wife happy life . " she replied and raised her eyebrows . 

" i’ll make sure to bring that up . " i responded and we both laughed . 

" whats going on family ? " Dad asked as he came in the office . 

" looking for houses out here . nothing much . " i answered as my eyes were still glued to the screen .

" how many bedrooms are you getting ? " 

" i want an 8 bedroom , but im not finding much of those so i might have to settle for a 7 . Dig and I havent really talked about what we want in this next house . he just told me he wants his man cave . "

" then that means he doesnt care . as long as he gets a house out here with his man cave then he doesnt care . as long as your happy he’ll be happy . "

" in that case . " i smirked , then went back to the houses i was looking at in Upper West Side . " UWS it is . "

" whatever you find is most likely gonna be in the hills so youre gonna have a beautiful view wherever you stay . "

" most definitely . " i replied as i looked at the houses . " im gonna make some appointments for a few of these houses . "

" im sure Daniel wouldnt mind some of these . theyre beautiful . " 

" mommy what are you doing ? " Pharaoh asked and came to sit on my lap . 

" looking for a new house for all of us . we’re going to be moving so we can be closer to grandma and grandpa . "

" is Yaya coming ? "

" No Yaya is staying at her house but shes gonna visit , ok ? "

" ok . " he answered and laid his head on my chest . 

" isnt that the cutes thing . "Mom said .

" since the day we met i knew this would happen . this . like me witnessing you take care of your guys’ kids . i love it . " Dad said and stood there smiling . 

" aww , thanks dad . " i said and smiled . " never did i know i would have amazing in laws like you two . im sure i’ve told you guys this a million times but you guys’ marriage is like the fuel for me and Dig’s marriage . seeing how many years you two have been married just motivates me to be just like you two . seriously . "

" aww well im glad we can be of help . " Mom smiled . 

" whats going on ? " Dig asked as he walked in the room . 

" hi daddy ! " Ro exclaimed .

" hey big man ! " Dig responded and picked him up off my lap . " hey beautiful . " he added then kissed me on the forehead . 

" hey there handsome . " i responded . 

" so whats up ? family meeting or something ? " he asked and sat on my lap .

" you know theres another chair right there . no need for you to sit on my lap . just saying . " i said .

" eh , this looked more comfortable . " he replied as he looked over his shoulder and smirked . 

" you annoy me . why did i marry you ? " i joked . 

" this is what im talking about . theyre adorable . " Dad said and smiled . 

" oh hey you looking at houses ? " he asked and directed his eyes to the computer . 

" we’ll leave you two alone now . " Dad said and they left the room . 

" UWS ? never thought about moving over there . its a nice area . in Manhattan . nice city scenery . "

" is there somewhere in particular that you wanted to move to ? "

" nah not really . i just wanna be back out here . " he answered . 

" good . so we’re moving to UWS for sure . just dont know what house yet . youre off on Thursday right ? "

" yes . "

" well youre not gonna have much of a day off then cus we’re gonna be all over UWS looking at these houses . "

" ive already mentally prepared myself for this . got it babe . "

" okay good . " i smiled then he kissed me . 

" Ro baby go play in the room with your brother and sister . " i said .

" okay mommy . " he replied then Dig set him down so he can leave . 

" nice move . " Dig smiled then continued kissing me .

" i didnt kick him out so you can kiss all over me . " i laughed as i blocked his kisses . 

" you a hater . " he also laughed .

" i kicked him out so we can talk about moving . seriously , you wanna leave our dream house in LA for something in New York ? babe that house has history . the kid’s first home , the first home we bought together as married couple , the kid’s first everything has happened in that house . plus it has everything we wanted in there . "

" youre reconsidering moving now ? "

" yeah kinda . im just gonna miss that house so much . i just know how much you wanna move back out here tho and the family is excited about it and everything . "

" dont worry about them . if we end up not moving out here then oh well they’ll get over it . if you dont want to move out here im not going to force you to . we can stay in LA . "

" its not so much LA that i wanna stay in . its just the house . if we can move that house out here then that would be perfect . "

" whatever you want to do then I’m ok with it . "

" ok babe but what about YOU . i love that every move you make is in consideration of my feelings but you gotta do what you want to do as well . I want you to be happy too . "

" im happy in whatever city we’re in . as long as im with my family im good baby . im good . " he responded . " but if it will help you change your mind , then maybe we should go to UWS and around there to see the neighborhood and stuff . might see something you like out there or something . "

" when ? "

" right now . lets go drive around the town . "

" no baby i know youre tired . "

" im wired up . full of energy . lets go . " he replied then pulled me hand to ge me out the seat . 

" wait lemme grab a jacket . " i replied and stopped him so i can go to the room and grab one . 

" mom , dad , we’ll be back a little later . " Dig said as we headed to the door . 

" where you guys going ? "

" out for the night ! " he replied then closed the door behind me . we left so quick i couldnt even speak for him and answer her properly . 

" after tonight , youre gonna want to move out here . " he confidently said and started the car up . 

" well then , lets see where the night leads us to . " i replied then smiled .

we were out for a night in the city and Dig was my official tour guide . we were all through NYC and Manhattan the whole night . ive been here before but Dig was showing me things ive never seen before . 

" why have you never taken me to all these spots and areas before ? you were holding back on ya girl . "

" i was saving it for something … special . "

" i guess trying to convince your wife to move out here is special enough . " i responded and looked over . 

" guess so . " he smiled . " soo .. "

" so what ? "

" you convinced ? "

" more convinced then when we left the house . "

" not convinced enough . i have one more spot i wanna drive by before we go home . " 

" fine with me . " i replied and relaxed in my seat . 

i was kind of hesitant to go passed these places cus if we really moved around here then it would kinda ruin the excitememnt of seeing new placs , but the whole way i was looking at other places i wanted to try together one day . 

by the time we got back in the house it was 1 AM , so we quietly got in and went to our room without disturbing anyone . 


" look at God . " i said in astonishment as i was looking at the view from this big ass window in the living room . 

" told you you’d love it . " Dig said as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind . 

" how the hell did you manage to get blessed with finding this house ? its perfect . not too far from the city , not too close to the neighbors and it has so many amenities and extra shit thats so unneccesary . i love it . " 

" only thing is its a 7 bedroom . you wanted 8 didnt you ? "

" yeah but everything else makes up for it . 7 is perfectly fine with me . "

" lets go walk around some more . i feel like we havent explored everything . " he replied and held my hand as we adventured into the house . " hmm , this looks like it would be our bedroom . "

" another amazing view . wow . " i said and went to the window . 

" im surprised your first move wasnt to the closet . " he laughed . 

" im surprised too . " i responded then went over to the closet . 

again , another amazing closet . not a two story one like in the other house . but it was big enough . there was a door that opened up to a hallway . to the left was my closet and to the right was his closet . i only knew that cus there was a sign that said ’ wife ’ on my side and ’ husband ’ on his . to get in the closet there was a separate automatic sliding door that opens and once i was inside it looked like a dressing room cus of the seats in the middle and the huge full body mirror at the end of the closet . on one of the seats , there was a silver platter with a rose and a note attached to it . 

" i dont know if i should be freaked out or surprised or what … " i said when i saw the note . 

" just read it  ." he replied and laughed . 

" ok you put it there , cool . " i also laughed then went over to read it . 

" to my wife : i hope you enjoy this house as much as we will enjoy numerous years here . - your husband . "

" numerous years ? " i asked then turned around to look at him , confused . 

" come here Asia . " he said and shook his head as he laughed , then guided me into the hallway of the closets . " reread the wife sign " he ordered so i did . 

" i know that doesnt say my name engraved at the bottom in some small letters .. " i replied then he pulled me over to his sign that said husband . in the same spot as mine was his name . " ok .. either the previous owners of this house has the same names as us or you bought this house already and had that customized . "

" i’d lean more towards the second guess . " he replied then smiled . 

" YOU BOUGHT THIS HOUSE ALREADY ?! oh my goodness Dig what the hell ? YOU WOULD ! " i laughed then hit him in the chest but hugged him right after . " oh my God Daniel . you …. you are too much . i cant handle you i really cant . " i added as i started to cry tears of joy . 

" ill take that as a thank you . " he laughed and wiped my tears for me . 

" take that as an I Love You . " i laughed then kissed him . 

" well i love you too . " he smiled then continued kissing me . 

" so this actually already belongs to us . thats crazy . " i said as i walked into our empty bedroom . " you really took a leap of faith with this . what id i didnt even like the place ? you wouldve been screwed . "

" i knew you’d love it . i know my wife . "

" yes indeed you do . " i smiled then pulled him closer to me to kiss him until he was interuppted by a text on his phone . he read it , then put it back in his pocket . 

" wait until you see this part tho . " he said then pulled my arm til we got downstairs . we walked out the front door and to the left . thats where our 5 car garage is and thats where Mom , Dad and the kids were at . Dad hopping out of his car with 2 of the kids and mom with the other 2 hopping out of a brand new car with a bow tie on it . " i thought you could stunt in something brand new as you ride around New York . he said then held my hand out and put a key in my hand . 

i looked at the key in my hand and realized the emblem was the same one as the brand new car : a candy apple red Chrysler 300 A.K.A my dream car since i was 12 . 

my mouth opened up wide and i was just stuck there for a second until Dig nudged me to move on . 

" Daniel … you … when .. what … thats my car ? " i asked as i was lowkey speechless . 

all i hear is mom and dad saying something and Dig laughing behind me . 

" yes Asia , this is your brand new Chrysler 300 that youve wanted for decades that i finally bought you . " 

" you just dont know how to stop , do you ? " i asked .

" nah , not really . " he replied when i turned around and laughed . 

" i cant believe you oh my god ! " i said then kissed him and hugged him and oh my gosh . 

" well maybe you’ll believe once you get to the car . " he laughed then we walked over to it . 

" im so scared to touch it . its too beautiful . "

" i’ll take it if you want it . it drives amazing . this would look great in the garage . " mom joked . 

" no its ok i’ll take it . " i quickly said then got in the drivers seat . everything about this car just felt so right . the steering wheel in my hand , the seats , even the engine purred when i turned it on . " first things first , this is the only time the kids are allowed in this car . " 

" i figured that . " Dad laughed . 

" secondly , thank you so much baby you are the greatest i swear . " i said then had him bend lower to kiss me as i was still in the car . 

" third , i wanna test drive this real quick cus i wont feel complete if i dont do so . "

" go right ahead . " Dig laughed . 

" cool . " i said then closed my door . " none of the kids are behind me right ? "

" nope . theyre safe . " dad replied . 

" ok great . i will be right back i promise . " i replied then started to back up the car . i pulled out of the driveway entrance thing in fornt of the house then started driving down the empty road that leads to the house . it wasnt complete til i put the radio on and was blasting music down the road with the breeze running through the car . 


" so what was her reaction when you told her you bought the house already ? "

" she hit me first , then finally hugged and kissed me . " i responded and we laughed . " but she was shocked as hell . she definitely wasnt expecting this . "

" & she likes the house ? "

" shes in love with it . like is an understatement . "

" you did good Dig . im proud of you . " my dad said and patted my shoulder . 

" thanks . " i replied . all of a sudden , right down the street we see literally like a blur of a red car speeding down the street . " oh my god Asia . " i said and put my hand on my face . " she better get back over here speeding like that . "

" let her live . she’ll be back in 2 seconds if shes going at that speed . "

" speaking of the devil . " my mom said as she pulled back into our gated community and came to park the car in the same spot as it was . 

" y’all saw that ? " Asia asked as she smirked .

" yeah not get out the car . dont ever speed like that again . " i said and laughed as i shook my head . 

" you know i never speed like that anyways . had to test it out . "

" yeah yeah yeah whatever . " i laughed and she got out the car . 

" so do you guys want a tour of the house ? or have you guys already been inside ? cus i dont know who knows what at this point ."

" we’d love a tour . " my dad replied . 

" alright perfect . " she smiled then picked up Jabari as everyone went in the house . 


we got back in the house and i began to give a tour of the house to mom and dad . i loved this house cus it was so high tech with all the electronics and stuff that was incorporated into it like the home security we have , the automatic sliding door to the backyard and some of the other rooms in the house , the heaters outside as well as in the pool and the sort of high tech kitchen we’ve got . also , we have a state of the art theater , gym and hella nice fire places in the house . this house is amazing . we even got to still have Dig’s man cave and the outhouse in the backyard for my stuff . not to mention the backyard is big as hell . 

" oh my goodness what does this house NOT have ? this is amazing . " mom said as we went to the last bedroom . 

" you have a basement , an attic , a theater , a great backyard and secret passageways in the house . this is crazy . " dad said as he looked around .

" Dig’s favorite passageway is the one in the bedroom that leads to his man cave all because it has this . " i said and they followed me to the master bedroom . theres a little turn in the corner of the room where when you make a right , theres an elevator door right there that leads straight down to the basement . 

" WOW this is insane . " Dad said as the doors opened and we were now in the basement . 

" im saying tho . i think he added some of this stuff last minute to fulfill his needs . "

" theres no way an elevator can be made in what a week ? no impossible . i cant believe that . "

" never know with todays technology . " i shrugged . 

" babe if I’m ever away just know that im here at Dig’s house . "

" good so i can have some peace and quiet . " she joked . 

" he bought this house cus its so … him . " Dad said . 

" im not even mad about it . i love it . " i said . 

" this view of the pool is crazy tho . you can seed underwater in the pool from the basement . whoever swims in the pool is visible to me as i stand here . thats insane . "

" yeah i dont really know how i feel about that but i guess i’ll get used to it . " i responded . " this whole basement had to be made for a man cus you got the full bar right here , gym to the left if you open that door and if you walk through the gym the theater is over there . then on the right go up those little stairs and open that door and theres the garage . "

" youre not gonna see Dig for a while one you guys get settled in . "

" thats how it was when we moved into our house now . this time its gonna be worse tho . " i said and shook my head as i laughed . 

" oh you have cameras in here . " dad said as he pointed out the ones in the corner . 

"yup . theyre all throughout the house . tinier than that one tho so theyre not so visible and creeping us out . "

" wheres the room where the tv screens are to view what the cameras are recording ? "

" Dig said theres an app to watch the videos instead of having the tv screens and all that . the cameras arent programmed yet cus we havent got the app and all that . "

" my God what will they think of next . this is some next level stuff man . " Dad said . 

" i totally agree with you . i’ve never been the one to have tech savvy stuff like this but its pretty cool . " i replied . 

we went back upstairs to the empty living room and saw the kids and Dig in the backyard playing around . 

" you guys like the new house ? " i asked when we got outside . 

" yeah ! " Lani exlaimed . " i like the pool . "

" you like the pool ? well swim in it as soon as we move in here , ok ? "

" ok ! " she said then gave me a high five . 

" you guys done touring ? "

" yeah its liek a whole new state in that huge house . " Dad replied . 

" yeah its alot in thee . " Dig responded . 

" yeah we’re done in there . my mind needs to calm down and go to a simpler home . " 

" Dad youre so extra , " Dig laughed . " cmon kids , lets get ready to go back home . "

" i thought this was home ? " Lani asked . 

" well it is , just not now . we havent moved in yet but we will soon . " Dig answered . 

" shes getting too smart . " i replied and shook my head as i laughed . 

we all left the house as Dig stayed behind to make sure the house was locked up , then each adult got in one car since there were 3 and the kids were with mom and dad while me and Dig rode in the new car . i had him drive cus i wanted to enjoy the passenger seat . 

" Daniel Dwayne Simmons the Third you have really outdone yourself today . "

" thats nothing . " he replied and brushed it off . 

" thats nothing ? thats a hell of a something to me what do you mean ? " i asked and we laughed . " i know youre crying inside from all that money spent . " i joked . 

" if both of us release an album then we’ll get that money right back . "

" definitely not the whole amount . that house had to be at least 4 million and the car at least 35k . "

" how the fuck did you get the prices on point like that ? " he laughed . 

" first of all , i know the cars price cus its my dream car of course . its $30,995 but plus the paint job and some of this extra stuff i know wasnt in here originally was another 5 or 6 thousand . "

" you know your cars . "

" just this one . trust me i wont know the exact price of any other car besides one ive already purchased . " i responded . " but can we talk about the house for a second ? how did you find it ? foreal cus that house is INSANE . theres no way you found that online cus i wouldve ran into it . "

" lets just say i have my connects . " he smirked . 

" so you DID add some of that stuff on your own .. "

" some of it . "

" like … ? "

" the elevator to the basement , the bar and the theater . plus i added the cameras inside and customized our bathroom better than it was before . "

" so you had a little project on your hands didnt you ? "

" yeah you can say that . "

" how did you manage to do all that while filming ? thats impossible . "

" why cant you just accept the fact that its a great house . " he laughed . 

" because its unbelievable how you did all this ! i need to take notes from you . youre a mastermind . "

" oh God . " he laughed . " i asked for some days off from the set . some scenes we filmed they didnt need me , so that when i went out and got most of this done . "

" while you let me stay at home and stress over finding a house … youre evil . "

" had to distract you somehow . " he shrugged . 

" youre amazing . " i said then kissed him on the cheek . i didnt wanna kiss him on the lips to distract him from driving cus ill be damned if we crash in my new car . " you gonna get it when we get back . im just letting you know . "

" thank you for the heads up babe . " he smiled then held my hand . 

what a man . 

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I'm late but I thought that's who she was!! 😒 But I was dying in here when Diggy talkin bout he scared of Asia😂😂😂😂 and then Te wanna be goon ass😭 they are a mess!!!

Yup , THAT Melanie 😒 & lol you know Asia crazy sending her goons 😂😂😂

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◢ The Call Sequel : Chapter 52


" hi Daniel . nice to see you again . " she said and flashed a little smile . 

" hey … " Allen said as he looked at the looks we were giving each other . " I’m Allen . nice to have you on set now . "

" uh , yeah hi nice to meet you . " she said and finally let go of my hand to give him a handshake . 

as she went around introducing herself to everyone , i just sat there still confused and kinda stuck . 

Melanie ? the Melanie that thought i was the father of her son ? of all people to be added to this cast it just had to be her . 

" i know shes beautiful but damn , you didnt have to hold her hand for so long . " Allen joked as he nudged me on the shoulder . 

" nah its not that . not at all . "

" then what is it ? "

" you know how people say your past catches up with you ? well thats my past and she caught up with me AGAIN . "

" wait what ? i need a full explanation cus this aint making any sense . "

" alright everyone lets get on set ! " the director announced as everyone started to gather around so we can begin filiming . 

" i’ll tell you later . " i replied as i got out my seat and followed everyone else . 

my feelings towards this ? i was pissed . especially remembering what her role was in this show . i didnt want her to have this role and i know for damn sure Asia wouldnt approve of this either . 

the first scene opened up at the office as Blake was trying to handle many phone calls at one before Manny comes in and pulls me away from my work to have an imortant conversation with me . thats where Jennifer comes in and is introduced as the new employee to the office . i couldnt even act well knowing i had to act with her right her . i didnt have a hate tpwards her ,  i just didn’t want her anywhere near me with that drama she brought years before . 

it was a while before we got our first break and as soon as we got that i went straight to my trailer to be alone for a second . of course within 2 minutes of being in there i heard a knock on the door . i ignored it , but then i heard Allen call my name .

" i know youre in there just open the door . " he said . 

" hurry up . " i said when i opened the door and closed it behind him quickly . 

" whats up with you ? i havent seen you like this before . "

" that girl , Melanie ? yeah me and her have a sort of bad past . first , we fucked when we first met . already starting off bad , then years later she pops up at my house with her kid tryna claim that hes mine . i dont want to be working with her let alone having to kiss her on set when it gets to that point . & I’m sure Asia isnt gonna like this at all . hell , shes gonna FLIP when she finds out about this . do you know that Melanie popped up at my house with her son in the middle of Asia and i planning for our wedding ? shes just drama . drama drama drama . " i explained . 

" well , shit .. " he said and just sat there . " well i dont know what kind of advice to give you cus i know for sure i have never been in this predicament before , but it looks to me like youre just gonna have to stick this out til the season is over bruh . "

" i can easily have her replaced bruh thats not a problem . "

" thats what youre NOT gonna do . you would be one ruthless ass nigga if you did that . "

" what else is there to do ?! i dont want to have to work with her . "

" was it seriously that bad ? "

" no it wasnt but the fact that shes my past and shes drama just makes me not want to associate with her at all . "

" look bruh , you never know how this is gonna turn out . this might be pretty good . she could have changed . plus you havent even gave her a chance to talk to you or anything . don’t assume straight off the back that this is gonna be a disaster . play it out for a while . if it doesn’t work out at all , then thats when you can consider her getting replaced but for now just stick it out . she doesnt seem like a bad female . she’s gorgeous actually and shes a pretty good actress so far that i’ve seen . i think she might actually deserve this spot . "

" alright bruh , i’ll get her a chance but the second shit goes wrong it might just be over for her . "

" ok , do you . " he responded and held his hands in the air . " now lets go back to acting . "

we left my trailer just in time cus everyone else was getting back to the set and we continued working for the rest of the day . 

" 7 AM sharp tmrw morning . " the director said as we cut it off for the night . 

all i wanted to do was go back to my house , talk to my wife and get some sleep but that was disrupted when i heard a female’s voice call my name form behind me . 

" Daniel you cant avoid me for long . " Melanie said and thats what got me to turn around . 

" well i was trying to for as long as i could . " 

" im just as mad and shocked and confused as you are too , ok ? "

" how could you possible have the same feelings as me right now ? you KNEW what you were getting yourself into by coming on to this set . i DIDNT . "

" can you let me explain ? just give me 2 minutes . "

" go . " i said and sat there impatiently . 

" ok i guess i’ll start with i’ve always been into acting and about 2 years ago i got more serious about it and hired an agent and all that so ever since then i’ve been auditioning for shows and all that and have only got a few commercial gigs and all that , nothing too serious . my agent found out there were auditions for this show and he insisted that i audition for it . i knew you were on this show obviously and i really didnt even want to audition but my agent made me . i didnt think i would get the part and i couldnt turn it down because i havent got a big acting role like this before yet so i had to take it . things were going to spiral down for me if i didnt accept this . i have a son to raise , as you may know , so i didnt want to let him down . i as much as i didnt want to accept this , i had to . i have bills to pay , a child to support and be a role model to . i had to do it . im not going to completely say i didnt want this cus i did i just hate that it had to be with you and that we have to have the history we have . ive said im sorry a million times before and i will say im sorry a million times more if it gets us on good terms . "

" so you were forced to this ? "

" yeah , kinda . " she answered . 

" look , i dont like this one bit , but im not gonna stop you from doing you . that would be wrong all because im in my feelings about this . i know you have a youngin to raise and support just as i do so i understand when it comes to that . i just dont want any drama or anything . especially when my wife finds out about this cus this was supposed to be her role initially . shes gonna be pissed when she finds out of all people you got the spot . "

" im sure she will . " she sighed . " but i know , and i hope she understands as well , that this is all acitng . no feelings involved or anything . "

" that sounds perfect to me . " i responded . 

" so we good ? "

" we good . " i replied then shook hands and gave her a slight smile . " it would be rude of me if i didnt ask - hows your son ? Devin , right ? "

" yes its Devin . hes doing great . just started 6th grade , getting good grades at that . on the honor roll and everything . "

" you must be a proud parent . "

" you got that right . " she smiled . 

" i hope you don’t mind me asking , but did you ever find out who is father is ? "

" i did . "

" oh , thats great . " i responded and she just looked down . " right ? "

" yeah it is if you count great as his father only seeing him a few times a year and barely sending in child support checks . "

" ooh , i take that back then . "

" its just unfortunate for him that he doesnt have a male role model to look up to . thats all . theres certain things that i cant teach him as a woman but i try my best everyday . "

" and i applaud you for that . " i smiled . " it must be hard being a single parent . "

" it has its ups and downs , but im used to it . "

" i hope that cash i gave you helped . "

" it did . we still have half of it saved . its in his college trust fund . "

" thats great ! good to know hes looking forward to that . lets hope he goes to Clark Atlanta cus every year one lucky student who applies for it gets their whole tuition paid for from Asia . shes an alumni from there so she gives back every year by doing that . "

" well i’ll definitely try to steer him in that direction . " she joked . 

before we knew it , we had got to her car from the set . 

" well , here i am . " 

" nice car . "

" thanks . i asked for an early paycheck to get it . i took the bus up here and everything . i almost didnt have anythign upn my arrival . "

" wow , good choice . " i laughed and opened the door for her . " get to your room safely . "

" you too Daniel . "

" thanks . i will . "

" see you tmrw morning . 7 AM sharp . "

" 7 AM sharp . " i smiled , then closed her door for her . 

man , why must my life be so sporadic ?

when i got home the kids were still up with my mom in the living room watching movies . 

" hey sweetie the kids were just asking about you . " my mom said as the kids ran to hug me . " how was your day ? "

" it was … interesting . " i answered and picked up the boys , leaving Lani hugging on my leg as i walked to the couch . 

" what was so interesting about it ? "

" well filimg was great today , but we met the new girl . "

" but ? whats so wrong about her ? "

" remember that woman that came by my house yeard ago claiming i was the father of her son ? yeah shes the new actress on set . "

" nooo …  "

" swear . " i said and sighed . " so now I’m stuck with her for sure . "

" is she one of those crazy female fans or something ? "

" no shes calm . we talked after filming was over and got on good terms and everything but i still dont want to work with her for some reason . its just a bad memory and vibe that i think is always gonna be between us . "

" well if you guys talked it out you two should be fine . just don’t think of it as something negative sweetheart . try to make the best out of it . i would hate to see her take the fun out of filiming for you . " she responded . " now , have you told Asia about this ? "

" no and im scared to . "

" oh Daniel . " she laughed . " you might not have to tell her right this moment but you gotta let her know . might want to let her know before she finds out from someone else . "

" Teyana . " i said and thought . " yeah i gotta let her know tonight then . "

" go handle that . " she responded and patted my back . 

" you good with the kids for a sec ? "

" yeah they were kinda falling asleep before you walked in anyways . i’ll be fine . "

" ok thanks . love you mom . " i replied and kissed her on the forehead before i went upstairs to talk on the phone . 

" hey baby . how was your day ? i miss you . "

" it was cool . fun being on set again and stuff . & i miss you too . how does it feel being in that big ass house alone ? "

" its very lonely im not gonna lie but ive been productive all day so it hasnt been too bad . so who is my replacement ? "

" i knew you’d get lonely . " i laughed . " invite Nic over or something . "

" shes coming tmrw . you already know im on that . "

" but as of your replacement .. you’ll never guess who it is . "

" umm Stacey Dash . "

" no . this is why i said you’ll never guess it . youre not gonna get it right . " i said and laughed a little . 

" ok fine then who is it ? "

" … Melanie . "

" Melanie who ? can i get a last name ? what other stuff has she played in ? "

" no , Melanie . the woman who tried to claim i was the father of her son . "

" .. wait what the fuck are you serious ? no im taking my spot back who the fuck said she can be an actress ? wait since when did she become an actress ? did she FOLLOW you and get that role just to be near you ? "

" babe babe calm down . i dont know the answer to any of those questions but the last one . no she didnt follow me . we talked it out at the end of the day . " i said and told her everything Melanie told me . 

" hmm .. i guess . still dont like her acting with you . "

" i dont either but i gotta work with it . like she said , she knows its all acting . "

" she better know , the fuck . " she responded . " i kinda wish you never would have told me that cus know ima be worried and shit . "

" now you know if i didnt tell you you’d be pissed off . "

" i know . " she sighed . 

" no need to worry about me ima be good , trust me . i would never jeopardize our marriage over this woman . "

" i know , cus you love me too much , right ? "

" of course baby no doubt about it . "

" i know . " she said and laughed a little .

" i can just imagine your smile right now . "

" & i can just imagine you thrusting in and out of me right now but thats not happening . "

" babe cmon now . " i said and laughed . 

" too much ? " she also laughed . 

" you need to warn me when you talk about shit like that you cant just throw it at me and expect it to sail smooth . "

" sorry im lonely . i forgot we suck at phone sex . " she responded and we both started laughing hella hard . 

" speaking of sex , how are my babies ? "

" theyre doing really good over here . you know they love seeing my parents . "

" i know , i feel bad for not bringing them around as much lately . "

" hey dont put that all on yourself . its my fault for not thinking of it but you know we’ve both been too busy to think about family time like that . "

" yeah youre right . im glad theyre enjoying it over there tho . & im glad your parents can still keep up with toddlers like that . "

" thats what im surprised about to be honest . " i laughed . " they love kids tho so i kinda knew they’d be ok . " 

" & theyre great at taking care of them . i mean , look how ya boy turned out . "

" alright alright calm down time to deflate that head of yours . " she joked . 

* a few days later * 

" & cut ! " the director said and stopped the scene Melanie and I had together at the office alone . it was the first time her character Jennifer flirted with Blake so there was this one part where she grabbed Blake’s arm in attempt to stop him . when that scene ended , the director had yelled cut for a 5 minute break . 

" im sorry did i scratch your arm when i squeezed you ? " Melanie laughed as she rubbed my arm . 

" just a little but nothing too bad . " i also laughed knowing she scratched me with those long ass nails . 

" you have a scratch mark . why are you lying ? "

" i promise you its not bad . "

" better not be fibbing . "

" im good , i swear . " 

" ok then . " she replied as she still was holding onto my arm . 

" hey whats going on here ? " Teyana happily asked as she came up to us . 

" just making sure i didnt scratch him too hard . dont want our star player being injured . " she said and joked a little as she let go fo my arm . 

" yeah ? yeah im pretty sure hes good . Dig can take a little scratch like that . " Teyana replied and had a fake smile on the whole time . 

" yeah I’m aware of that . " Melanie replied and kinda looked cornered by Teyana . " im gonna go get a water bottle . you guys want one ? "

" no we’re good . " Teyana responded then Melanie walked away . she watched Melanie walk for a while , then started to walk away herself before i pulled her back . 

" did Asia put you up to this ? "

" to what ? "

" watching me . me and Melanie . "

" you two realy are a match made in heaven cus you know all her moves . " she laughed . " but she didnt tell me to watch you . she trusts you . its Melanie she wants me to watch . " she added then walked away as she raised her eyebrows .

my wife just has to be a crazy one , doesnt she ?


" hey Diggy can we talk real quick ? " Mara asked when she was on set today . she came to inspect and make sure everything was running smoothly . 

" yeah , whats going on ? "

" i was going to call her myself but i figured i’d just get through to her from you . i know Asia said she was too busy to film a whole season with us , but do you think she would have time to be one of the special guests in episode 5 we’re filming in 2 weeks ? i still hadnt got a guest to fill in that spot . "

" she’d be more than happy to fill in that spot . "

" are you sure ? cus i’d have to fill her in right now . "

" im positive . she’d love to be a special guest . "

" great . can you get the script to her and everything by tonight ? "

" sure thing . "

" perfect . thank you Diggy . " she smiled . 

" no problem . " i smiled back , then headed to my trailer to take my break . as i walked over there , i called Asia to let her know of the good news . 

" baby guess what ? Mara wants you to be a guest appearance on the epidsode we’re filming in 2 weeks ? "

" foreal ? ayee im down to do it . whats my character ? "

" im honestly not sure .  i gotta look in the script but i’ll send it to you tonight so you can start rehearsing your lines . " 

" ok great . im excited ! "

" i am too . you can finally be on set like you were supposed to be this whole time . " 

" dont make me feel worse about this ight " she said and laughed . 

" & you can finally watch Melanie with your own eyes instead of having Teyana do it . " i happily said with sarcasm drooling out my mouth . 

" she told you ? what a snitch . " 

" yeah , she did . but it was obvious as hell . tell your goons to make it more discrete . "

" whatever . " she laughed . " im sorry but i still dont trust her . "

" i aint mad at you for it . " i replied and shrugged my shoulders . " youre just being .. a wife . "


i was excited to be filming on set for The Start Up . i was especially happy to see my husband after a month of being separated . 

the guest character i was playing was a woman named Serena . she was another big blogger in the game that was Blake’s number one competition . they’ve been each other’s competition for a few years now and it just now got more serious when a blogging competition hits the city of New York . its the first year of this competition so its something all the bloggers are talking about , but know the two main competitiors will be Serena with her blog Thrillex.com and Blake with his blog . the fun thing about this character is that shes from London and has a british accent . ive been practicing my british accent for the past 2 weeks by listening to British people speak in YouTube videos and stuff so i can say the words of my lines right . 

Since Dig and I would both be busy filiming , i decided to bring the kids back to New York so we could all stay at Dig’s parents house .

" you ready ? "

" lets get it . " i smiled when we got out the car and were ready to get on set . 

" sis you made it ! " Teyana yelled and ran to me to give me a hug . 

" of course i did . you think i’d turn this one down ? i can do an episode no problem . " 

" good cus we could use you on set , nah mean ? " 

" sure Teyana , i know exactly what you mean . " i responded and looked around suspiciously . 

" bitch you know what i mean . " she laughed and shoved me playfully . 

" nah i got you . " i also laughed . 

" good to have you on set finally . " Chris said as we hugged . 

" its good to be here . " i smiled . 

i said hi to everyone , then i had finally seen Melanie come out the cuts like she was hiding from me or something . 

" hey Melanie , nice to see you again . " i smiled then gave her a handshake . 

" its good to see you too . " she smiled back . 

" enjoying it here on set so far ? i’ve heard alot of good things about you . "

" yes i love it . glad to be a part of this team . "

" yeah theyre great people . " i responded . 

" Asia ! nice to see you ! " Mara said when she saw me . 

" hey ! nice seeing you too . " i smiled and hugged her . 

" great to finally have you on set . here i’ll show you around a little bit . " she replied and dragged me around set showing me where things were at . " & here is where your trailer is , "

"  oh i thought i told you i can just share with Dig . "

" honey you have too many clothes and what not to be sharing a space with someone else . your glam team needs room too . you had tog et your own trailer for sure . "

" oh , ok great. thank you so much . "

" youre welcome . i’ll let you have a few moments to rest before we start filming in 30 . "

" ok thank you ." i said and she left as i walked in my trailer . i put my purse down seconds before there was a knock at my door . it was my glam team ready to get my look on me for this character . Serena was a high class woman who was about her business , so thats the look i was pirtraying today . i had my usual hair stylist Kayla that i flew out here with me then i had a new make up artist with me today . as i was getting my hair and face done Dig and Teyana had walked into my trailer ,

" my nigga Melanie looked so awkward talking to you . " Teyana laughed . 

" did she really ? i didnt notice . " 

" cus you were coolin . she was buggin out . "

" oh , i wasnt worried bout her like that . " i responded . " yo but why was everyone just watching as we were talking tho ? do they know the history between us ? "

" nah they just wanted to see how that conversation was gonna go knowing shes the one that replaced you . t he only person that knows about everything is Tee . " Dig answered .

" ok good . "

i went over my lines and practiced my accent as i was getting ready , then i went out to set when it was time to begin filming . the scene opened up with Blake and Manny finding out about the whole blogging competition and seeing that Serena was already registered in it . the scene where i come in was the next one where Blake and his team is at his office working . i just barge into building with my assistant like i own the place . 

" excuse me . Serena Perdue coming through . move out the way . " i said as i was trying to get to my destination . " this building is terrible . ugh . "

" i agree with you madame . " my assistant Karlie responded . 

" theres the slimebag . " i said as i saw Blake and his litte crew in his office . " sorry to interrupt your little party here . well .. who am i kidding , i am not sorry . "

" Serena Perdue . what a shocker seeing you here . " Blake replied with a smirk on his face . 

" oh skip the friendliness . you know why im here . "

" i see you heard that we entered the contest . "

" yes , yes i have . & i also saw that you have not reached anywhere near me yet . " i responded with a slight smile on my face . 

" youre right about that , but best believe we’ll be up there in no time . we just getting started . "

" i know youre not here just to talk Serena . spit it out . why are you here ? " Manny asked . 

" i see we have an agressive one . " i said with a laugh . " smart too , i see . the real reason why i am here is to let you , Blake , know that you and your little school friends are not going to win nor get close to winning this competition . it is mine and for me to keep only . " i added as i got up close face to face with Blake . " i’ve got some of the best and most loyal employess on my team that will shut this business down in 2 seconds . do not think that you will win this competition over me and my blog . got it ? "

" consider this game on then , Madame . " he replied with a smirk .

" i will . " i responded with my nose in the air . 

" why didnt you just stay in London ? im sure they would appreciate you way more over there . " Dot asked . 

" so i can school little boys like you here in America . " i replied then raised my eyebrows at Blake . " Karlie , lets go . " i added then flipped my pony tail right in Blake’s face as i turned away to walk out of the building . 

" cut ! " the director yelled once i walked out the ’ building ’ .

" did i do good ? " i asked with a smile on my face once i peeped around the corner to look at Dig . 

" shit was great . " he smiled then gave me a high five once he got to me . " it was hard not to give in and kiss you tho when we were face to face . "

" simp nigga . " i joked and we laughed then he kissed me . 

" get that shit outta here ! " Teyana yelled and wrapped her arms around the both of us . " yall cute but get a room .. "

" shut up ." i laughed then hit her . 

the next few days on set were pretty cool and fun getting to work with all these people for a TV show . its a little but different than movies but it was still fun and exciting . i really wanted to see how Melanie was when it came to acting but she wasnt in this episode too much . only in a few scenes s i didnt get to see her fully act out . 

im really having fun on set . maybe i should have accpeted the role as Jennifer . 

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